It’s hot enough for a mirage today.

It’s Monday. I always write on Mondays.

I didn’t know what to write about.

Oh, until I walked to pick up Emma from school.

It was a hot, sweaty walk up to the school. It was over 100 degrees. We were basically walking through an oven. Why do we walk in this extreme weather? Because we’re saving the earth.

Heather: Melanie, hold on a sec. What is going on here?

Me: Oh, dang. Where did he come from?

Melanie: Oh, wow.

Me: Here, scoot over. I’m taking a picture of this.

Cowboy construction worker.
Cowboy construction worker.

We pass Cowboy and stand under the shade tree where another mom is already waiting.

Jamie: What’s going on over there?

Heather: Oh, we see what’s going on over there.

Me: I got a picture.

Jamie: Did you really?

Me: Yeah, here look!

Jamie: I never have my phone.

Me: Oh, I always have my phone. You never know when you might need it. Like when a cowboy crosses your path.

Heather: I mean, of course, he has to be wearing those jeans. Look at him.

Jamie: Wow. Just wow. I think I saw him rise up from the house foundation.

Me: It’s the cowboy hat. Totally the hat.

We stare. Cowboy hauls wood pieces over his shoulder and places them in his truck. The sunlight bounces off his tan, sweaty skin. His arms go straight up, stretching his profile. He kicks his cowboy boot back and up to balance himself.

And then the world stopped.

More parents trickle in. Kids start swarming out of the school. We each find our kid and start to walk back home.

Me: Hey, where’d he go?

Heather: He’s gone!

Me: Was that a mirage?

Heather: A MIRAGE. That is hilarious.

Me: Well, it is really hot out.

You just never know when a cowboy will save you from a writing rut. I mean, I can’t break the Monday post cycle. I had to write something. You’re welcome, ladies. And thank you, cowboy.

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