KSU’s defense gave me cankles.

I don’t want to mention the unmentionable that happened on Friday night at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

But I will write through this because writing helps my depression. Unfortunately, writing will not help my cankles.

I was raised a die-hard football fan. I attended my first football game at Arrowhead Stadium with my dad when I was 8 years old. I couldn’t tell you who the Kansas City Chiefs played, what the weather was like or even if it was a night or day game. Childhood memories are sketchy like that.

You don’t need to understand the game to feel the emotions of football. Arrowhead was a beast. The sea of red chants echoed in unison. Arrowhead would get so loud, I couldn’t even hear my dad yelling at me as he lifted me up over his shoulders. All I could see from 6 feet up in the air was Arrowhead being electrocuted. The whole stadium was shaking, lights flickered, red and gold sparks flew. Goosebumps ran through my body and I had no idea why.

I was hooked.

Die-hards fans – they do not waiver. They do not jump on bandwagons. The die-hard will experience glory days. They will also experience days of gut-wrenching heartache.

Sometimes the gut-wreching heartache shocks the body on a physical level.

My body turned against me.
I don’t know what happened.

Look at her elephant feet! Cankles! Are you sure you’re not pregnant? I’m scared Julie’s club feet are going to stomp on me! Boom Ba Ba Boom! Oh, did you hear that? Julie left the bar! If someone were to tell me these are your feet, I would never believe them in a million years. You’re kinda like that girl on Willy Wonka, will you explode purple?

I heard it all. Thanks, friends.

Sure, my swelling could have been from tailgating in a heat index of 110 degrees. It could have been from the beer flowing down my throat like water. It could have been from standing on my feet for the entire game screaming at the defense every time North Dakota State had the ball. Oh gawddd – North Dakota State.

No. I know exactly why my feet swelled. K-State’s defense made my body physically shut down. I can’t handle a home opener L-word.

I threw my game ticket in this guy’s face while at Pita Pit.

I hope you like this souvenir, doncha know.

He's laughing at my cankle feet and the W.
He’s laughing at my cankles and his W. This picture is used without permission because I don’t know who this is.

For all the heartache, I believe I handled myself well.

Oh wait, let me adjust my ice pack. 

I have become numb to the pain of the Chiefs but I still cheer them on. I’m not ready to become numb to the Wildcats.

The cankles will be worth it when K-State wins a football National Championship. Probably next year.

Win or L-word, we still look cute in purple!
Win or L-word, my niece and I still look cute in purple! Elephant feet cropped.

8 thoughts on “KSU’s defense gave me cankles.

  1. I went to the Chiefs game (my first, ever at Arrowhead) and screamed my head off, then I laid on my couch watching K-State, with my mouth hanging open and wondering what was wrong with the defense and thinking, “I’m actually glad I’m not at Bill Snyder Stadium” and went to bed in disgust, just disgust…but no matter what happens, I always love my WILDCATS (EMAW) and Chiefs…win or lose, but we can be real and admit, winning is so much better and a lot more fun!


    1. YES! Always EMAW!! Yeah, it really sucked screaming in person. I should have went to bed afterwards, but had to pay my dues to Aggieville. Lol


  2. I meant to razz you earlier, but I forgot and must have missed this post until just now so hahaha! North Dakota State? Ok, I’m done now. I was only able to do that since Mizzou managed to not lose to their early season patsies. Feel free to reciprocate once the Tigers start getting crushed in SEC play. That’s a given, but at least my ankles are still amazing and human sized. I’ll always have that going for me.


    1. You are a intelligent man for waiting until after the Cats won this weekend to respond. If you were to write this a week ago, I would have reached my hand through my computer and strangled you. Lol


      1. I did read that old man Snyder wrote the NDS QB a nice congratulatory letter which was pretty cool. It’s nice to see college administrators and coaches remembering that at the end of the day, these are college kids.


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