Kansas City Live.

“Oh, hope you don’t mind my camera phone. It’s my first time on TV.”

I’m really good at being touristy.

Hosts Michelle Davidson and Michael Mackie
Hosts Michelle Davidson and Michael Mackie
KSHB Weather Center
Brett Anthony in the KSHB Weather Center
Behind the scenes
Lights! Cameras! AH!

I did it! I was on the first ever moms panel on Kansas City Live. The other 3 panelists are professionals at being funny moms so it was easy to have a conversation with them. Michelle, the host, made us feel relaxed and comfortable. She told me in the green room that her favorite post of mine is Snake. I knew I’d like this woman.

My voice still sounds weird but there’s nothing anyone can do about that.

Thank you, Kansas City Live! I am honored to be on such a fun show. Sorry for drinking all the vodka in the refrigerator, Michael. That was all me. I’m kidding, mom.

Here is the clip from Kansas City Live.

10 thoughts on “Kansas City Live.

  1. that’s okay, Jules.. IT WAS YOUR FIRST DAY.. LOL by the end of the month they won’t be able to shut you up… j\k… GREAT JOB… R looking forward to more clips. thanx.. R


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