So they’re putting me on TV.

Uh, hi.

I’m totally freaking out.

I am going to be on a moms panel on a popular local show called Kansas City Live with 3 other humor writers –

Paige Kellerman from There’s More Where That Came From

Stacey Hatton from Nurse Mommy Laughs

Sherry Kuehl from Snarky in the Suburbs

We will be discussing our favorite subjects: our kids. The panel will give mom advice, voice thoughts on current events and swap mom stories.

We will be on Tuesday, August 20th at 10 am CST on KSHB, Channel 41 (NBC).

If you don’t live in the Kansas City area, you can still watch the show on Kansas City Live’s website. Anyone with Internet access will have the opportunity to hear my weird sounding voice and watch my nervous playing-with-hair gestures. Oh geez, I hope I talk. Yeah, talk.

Here’s a fun fact about me: I am incredibly shy in person.

Taking my laptop away and miking me up is completely out of my comfort zone.

Challenge accepted.

I met Paige, Stacey and Sherry for dinner over the weekend. I knew coming into our first meeting that they are funny, gifted writers. I found out they are just as funny in person. We talked for 4 hours. We mostly laughed. I found out cameras in their face is nothing new to them – all 3 have previously been on Kansas City Live promoting their books. They promised me amazing makeup mirrors in the green room.

They totally get me.

Hosts, Michelle Davidson and Michael Mackie

Kansas City Live on Facebook

Kansas City Live on Twitter

15 thoughts on “So they’re putting me on TV.

  1. Ha ha, wait, this is a humor blog??

    Kidding. That sounds pretty awesome! You’re a natural. Funny, pretty, witty…just what tv needs. Good luck! Don’t forget to drop the F bomb a couple of times to keep the editors on their toes. They like that.


    1. It is live TV. Surely, I won’t slip. If I do, I would just walk out…makes for great television.

      I’m excited!! And nervous….


      1. Be sure to say something semi controversial so you go viral. I’d suggest a dig at the Royals. Maybe something like “yeah, birthing a 9 pound baby was tough, but not nearly as tough as having to sit through 9 innings of watching mediocre baseball at Kauffman Stadium though.”


  2. Just watched you LIVE (via the magic of the internet). You were great! The lady sitting next to you was a bit of a chatter box and kind of hogged the spotlight, but what can you do. You’re FAMOUS now!!!


    1. Watching me all the way from Canada!! Thank you! Lol… Little nervous. I’m too scared to go back and watch myself. I’m glad people could see my cute new shoes though…. 🙂


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