Meet my husband, Buck-a-roo.

“So I finally get to meet Oh Emma and Oh Kate! And Scott! Hi, I’m Justin. I was kinda expecting a giant deer head or something. So nice to meet you.”  — My friend, Justin, meeting my family for the first time at dinner last night. Justin lives in New York and we don’t see each other often. Although, I am lucky enough to see Justin on YouTube every week.

My husband, the giant deer head? I can’t get the visual out of my pretty non-deer head.

He makes pretty babies.
But he makes adorable blonde-haired and curly-haired babies.

I suppose when I write about Scott, it has to do with hunting or fishing. It’s just who Scott is.

This post is not different.

Scott does not hunt for a living. He has a real office job complete with a cubicle. His cubicle is next to mine.

One of my responsibilities at work is to write the company newsletter. I choose an employee to spotlight every month. I had a tight deadline last month due to my traveling (to fish in Florida of all things. Hey, I am the Mrs.) Since I work for the same company Scott works for I didn’t have to look any further than the guy laying next to me in bed. I’m sure it is very obvious Julie and Scott, the co-workers, are also married. This is — word for word — our conversation that was published this month.

Employee spotlight: June 2013. An Interview with Scott.

So tell me Scott, do you have any hobbies? I hunt.

How many times do you hunt in a year, on average? Well, let’s see I’ve gone 4 times this year alone. Probably 25 times a year, no probably 30.

What is your favorite animal to hunt? Deer with my bow during the rut.

And what is a rut? Mating season. It’s when the males are running around looking for the females. The big bucks will come out and run around for maybe one week a year. They’ll hide the rest of the year.

When did you start hunting? Junior year of college. When I transferred to K-State.

Did you feel bad when you shot your first animal? Heck no.

Just a little bit? NO.

Somewhere in the depths of your soul, did you feel bad? NO! I mean, are you going to keep asking me this question, waiting for a different answer?

Moving on. What’s the longest you’ve sat in a tree stand? I don’t know, probably 6 hours.

And you just stare at nothing for 6 hours? Are you just trying to make fun of me?

I am asking the questions, Scott. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done while hunting? I sat in a marsh with holes in my waders. It was 33 degrees and raining. Didn’t shoot one thing. Oh, one time I was getting ready to goose hunt a field and I forgot my boots. I had to wear my crocs in negative wind chill temperatures. Oh, and one time I showed up to my hunting spot and realized I forgot my bow.

So you own Crocs? Yeah.

And how old are you? Huh?

I’m asking the questions, Scott. Would you rather hunt by yourself or with another person? With another person.

Would you want to hunt with your wife? Sure. I would love for her to hunt with me.

It sounds like you know her well. What is your dream hunting trip? To be able to go elk hunting during the rut in Colorado.

With your crocs? Huh?

2 thoughts on “Meet my husband, Buck-a-roo.

    1. Hahaha agreed!!! I would never tolerate walking through some tick infested forest, in the dark, with deer vajayjay juice all over me. Nooooo way.


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