Oh Emma, Oh Kate.

Emma: Kate, pretend I need to brush my hair. Go get me a brush.

Kate: Uh, pretend I broke my eyes.


Kate walks up to me.

Kate: I need to tell you something. It’s a secret.

Me: Ok. (I put my ear down for her to whisper)

Kate: Cockroach.


Kate and I were outside Emma’s school with Belle for “bring your pet to school” day. We were sitting waiting for the kids to come outside.

Kate: What are those birds doing?

Me: Just flying around.

Kate: Uh, I think they are playing tag.


Me: Emma, who plays at Arrowhead?


Kate: Ask me.

Me: Kate, who plays at Arrowhead?

Kate: NO ONE!


Kate: When you spit, it makes bubbles. It’s called spit bubbles. Right, mom?


I took the girls to Jason’s Deli for dinner. They serve free ice cream cones. I take the girls to the ice cream station.

Kate: Why do they give ice cream to kids?

Me: I think they just want to make sure kids are happy.

Kate: Oh. Ice cream makes me sad.


Me: Kate! Where are all my bobby pins?! I know you took them out of my bathroom.

Kate: Uh, probably the dogs ate them.


Me: Kate, go look for the remote.

Kate: (walks into my shower then walks out) Nope. Not in the shower!


The girls were playing with my high heels. Emma was wearing my red ones.

Me: You look like a little Dorothy! Do you know where she is from?

Emma: Disney World?


Me: Ok, girls. What do you want for breakfast?

Kate: Peas.


Kate: Stop laughing at me, Emma! I don’t like people laughing at me because it hurts my ears!


I was at the grocery store with Kate. An announcer comes on saying something.



I was at Target with Kate. They had a bunch of check-out counters that were empty.

Kate: Where are all the workers?

Me: Uh, I don’t know. They just don’t keep enough workers to work the registers I guess.

Kate: Uh, probably they’re tired.


Kate brings me a stuffed dog.

Kate: Here’s my dog. His name is Julie. His middle name is Emma. And his last name is Kate. Is that funny, mom?


Me: KATE!!! Why are your new clothes in the trashcan?!

Kate: I don’t like those clothes anymore. They are bad.


Kate: Where are we going?

Scott: Bobby’s house.

Kate: Is Bobby a boy or a girl?

Me: A boy. He’s my cousin.

Kate: Oh. I like girls.


We were playing at our neighbors on the last day of school. A neighbor flooded the lot next to them to make a huge mud pit for the kids.

Kate threw a handful of mud at me.

Me: Hey! Don’t throw mud at me!

Emma: She thinks they are snowballs, mom. She also throws toys at me and says they are snowballs.


I was getting my haircut. My hair stylist gave the girls some water.

Me: Tell Allison thank you.

Emma: Thank you!

Kate: Uh, I’m too shy to say that.


I stopped the car because a female duck and her ducklings were crossing the road. (Adorable)

Emma: They should put a duck crossing sign here.

Me: That would be cute. But I don’t think the ducks would know where to cross.

Kate: They should put a hippo crossing sign here.


I was helping Kate get dressed.

Me: Here. One arm here.

Kate: (sneezes)

Me: Ok, other arm.

Kate: HEY! You need to bless me first, mom!


Kate: Mommy. I love you like I love carrots.


It was raining a lot. Some areas were getting flooded around our neighborhood. We were driving through a big puddle.

Emma: Kate, do you know what a flood is?

Kate: No.

Emma: It’s like a big swimming pool but it’s not a swimming pool. It’s bad.

2 thoughts on “Oh Emma, Oh Kate.

    1. That is the EXACT same words I said on the airplane ride back. I’m already so bored in Kansas. ha. But yes, I survived. šŸ™‚


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