Mother’s Day.

Emma: So uh, mom? I was just wondering … why don’t you wear dresses more?

Me: Oh, I don’t know. I’m just more comfortable in jeans or shorts. I don’t think I wore a lot of dresses when I was your age either.

Emma: Oh. Well, like, I hope you weren’t going to say it’s because you don’t feel pretty in them. Because you really are pretty when you wear dresses to work. You look beautiful.

Me: Aw! Thanks, Boo!

Emma: You are always beautiful but just, like, a little bit more beautiful in dresses.


And that was my favorite thing I got for Mother’s Day.

Don’t ever change, Emma Grace.  


8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day.

      1. Lol, Jesus, the Royals couldn’t beat the Jayhawks in a baseball game. Come across the state with those girls to watch a real team play sometime. The Cards will win you over, I’m sure.


      2. That for sure is on my bucket list. Although, I have to stay a true fan to the Royals…no matter how much they suck.


  1. Little girls can be good for your ego! Awhile back I was going through my closet trying to find something that actually fit me for a thing I had to be in. I found a brown top and a brown flowered skirt. I wasn’t thrilled with the ensemble at all. Then my daughter walked in and said “Ohhhhhhh Mommy you look so boo-tee-ful! Like a Princess!” She was my favorite that day.


    1. Haha your favorite. Aw, I love that! I love that they are so honest at this age. So I know she’s telling me how she really feels. Lol


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