Oh Emma. Oh Kate.

Kate was playing with two foam balls. She puts them in her shirt.

Kate: Nana! I got thingies like mommy! Haaaaa!!


Emma: I love the smell of dog food.


Me: Ugh. Emma, it’s supposed to snow today.

Kate: (Looks out window) Hey! No, it’s not! I don’t see the dots!


Scott and gave me a hug in the kitchen then dipped and kissed me.

Kate: Hey! Get out of here! Go downstairs and do that!


Me: Kate did you color on your face with blue marker?

Kate: Yeah, and my tongue too. (sticks it out and it’s totally blue)


Emma had a friend over for a playdate. The girls were playing upstairs then Kate runs down to me.

Kate: Where do flowers come from?

Me: A seed.

Kate: Where does Emma’s friend come from?

Me: Um….a seed? (laugh)

Kate: Oh. (runs off)


Our dog had a tumor on the base of her tail. It was actually breaking through the skin and bleeding. It looked like a red dot. We didn’t know it was a tumor until we took her to the vet.

Scott: I don’t know if she cut herself or what. Hold still, Bailey. I’ll call the vet.

Kate: (looks at her tail) Ha! It’s just a red nerd. It’s ok.


I walked into my bathroom where Kate was taking a bath. There were bubbles all over the wall and the ceiling.

Me: KATE! No! You can’t throw bubbles everywhere!

Kate: I just making (claps bubbles) FIREWORKS!!! Woo-hooo!


I was picking up Kate after school.

Me: Are you hungry? We have a lot of errands to run. Here let’s just go to Chipotle real quick.

Kate: Hope that’s not expensive.


Me: Oh no! Kate did you eat all the chocolate?

Kate: No. No. It’s just sitting in my tummy for a little bit.


Me: Awwww! Kate, your preschool pictures are so cute! Did they make you laugh or did you smile by yourself?

Kate: Uh. I make them laugh.


Emma: Knock knock.

Me: Who’s there.

Emma: Banana.

Kate: HAAAA!!! Emma is a banana.


Kate: Mommy, will you play hide and seek with me?

Me: Ok. I’ll count.

Kate: Here will you shut the closet door when I go in there?


Kate: Spongebob says bad words.

Me: Yes, he does.

Kate: He doesn’t say KU though. KU is a bad word.


Emma: Whoa, that’s a pretty building.

Me: It’s a church.

Kate: HA! Eric Church.


I was holding my newborn niece, Evelyn.

Kate: Her hands are so tiny. Her ears are so tiny too. Her head is not.


I was still holding Evelyn.

Kate: Uh…what would happen if someone stabbed a fork in Evelyn’s eye?


Emma: It’s my turn to play on the iPad, Kate.

Kate: Let’s play you are Kate and I am Emma. It’s Emma’s turn.


I was painting Kate’s room. Emma walks in.

Emma: Uh, mom? Are you going to paint my room too?

Me: Not today. But eventually, yes.

Emma: Uh, I have something to tell you. Um, if you move my bed there might be a lot of toys under there.


Me: Kate, what do you want for breakfast?

Kate: Lettuce and chips.


Our babysitter, Erin, was watching Kate while I was at work.

Erin: Do you want to go see Evelyn?

Kate: Uh, will she be off or on?

Erin: Off or on? Was she sleeping last time you saw her?

Kate: Yeah, she was off.


Me: Kate, what did you do with Brooklyn on your playdate? Did you play outside?

Kate: (blows a fart noise from her mouth) That means yes.

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