Bug. I’ve been calling the past 10 minutes. Wake your ass up. There’s going to be a delivery in 20 minutes.

Uggghhh…what. What time is it?

It’s 9! Wake up! Get downstairs and wait by the door. You can’t miss this package. It’s my sailfish.

Uggggh… so tired. Ok, I’m up.

I hang up with Scott. I put my contacts in, make myself a coffee, sit down with my laptop and stare at my screen.

I write something on my blog every Monday. I had nothing. Scott’s parents took the girls for the weekend, giving Scott and me a weekend to ourselves. Scott is a funny guy. I thought for sure he would give me material to write about this weekend. K-State losing and a snow storm ruined our original plans with friends. Our weekend consisted of sleeping in, working out, and watching basketball at nearby bars. I had nothing.

I see a moving truck pull up at the end of our driveway.

A moving truck? I thought this would be FedEx.

The driver gets out and pulls a box out that must have filled the entire bed of the semi.

Oh crap.

Cars drive by. People are doing head turns at the moving truck.

Ah! People! Stop staring! We’re not moving! What is going on?! Pook!

I open the door.

“It’s not heavy, it’s just really big. Where do you want it?”

Oh dear Lord. It's the size of our dining room.
Oh dear Lord. It’s the size of our dining room.

I whip out my phone. I text our friend Brett from Killin It Outdoors. I know he’s behind this. This has Brett written all over it.

Me: You are going to be standing inside this box when I open it, right?

Brett: Hahahaha! Awesome! Open it up!

Brett, I am standing inside this box. Standing.
Brett, I am standing inside this box with this fish. Standing. Where are you.

I text Scott:

Me: How was “working” in South Florida, honey? Are you kidding me, Scott!? This thing is huge! It came on a moving truck!

Scott: Don’t touch it. Wait until I get there!

Scott came home with the kids. It took us an hour to carefully unload this thing. It finally found its resting place.

Ok, now I kinda want to catch one.
Welcome to Kansas, fishy.

I knew Scott would give me something to write about. He surprised me on this Monday morning with a 7 foot sailfish.

Hmmm…I have an incredible urge to catch one. Mine will be way bigger.

BRETT! Sign me up!! Let me at ’em!

5 thoughts on “Sailfish.

  1. My wife would have crammed that thing in my rear end, I’m sure, but it, um, looks good on your wall! And sorry about your Wildcats, they choked on it like my Mizzou Tigers always do. Let’s unite in rooting against the Jayhawks, since that’s all I have left in this tourney.


  2. I would totally get behind the Spartans but I picked Duke to win it all. If it makes you feel better, I am probably wrong. ha


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