Throwback Thursday.

Florida Keys. 2011. My feet.

There has be some hope for 80 degree weather, right?

It’s snowing right now. Oh dear Lord, it’s snowing. Emma and Kate are out of school this week. Scott is out of town this week. And I’m out of my mind this week.

The only thing that can make me normal again is a hammock, a pina colada and 84 degrees. Sure, throw in some fishy-smelling hands.

Here fishy, fishy.
Smile fishy fishy!

Whelp. Back to watching basketball in my PJs, listening to my kids fight, eating Easter candy and cursing at the snow falling outside my windows.

Crazy Julie, signing off. Wait, it is Thursday…right?

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday.

      1. I’ve had all three kids by myself all week (boo hoo, right?) and I’ve managed to think up 145 different ways to kill myself that I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be that painful. One of them involves a jet fighter though, so realistically, it’s 144 ways.

        Speaking of painful, you’ll appreciate that I’m watching the Mizzou Tigers in the NCAA tournament. That almost never ends well for Tiger fans, and this game is right on schedule to end the same as they always do.


  1. It’s been snowing here for days too! I’m a teacher and the kids keep asking me when it will feel like spring “because you said today was the first day of spring!!” I don’t know what to tell them anymore!


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