Oh Emma, Oh Kate.

Me: Hey Kate. Go see if your dad is awake yet.

Kate: (leaves then come back downstairs) Yeah, he awake. We both farted at the same time and mine was louder. HAAAAA!!


Kate walks into our bathroom, where Scott is shaving in front of mirror.

Kate: Daddy, you naked!

Scott: No, I’m not. I have a towel on!

Kate: You wearin’ a skirt! Haaaaa!


Me: Hey, Kate. You want to go to the gym?

Kate: Will my friend, Olivia, be there?

Me: Hmm…I don’t know. How old is she?

Kate: Like maybe this number (points to the letter W on my laptop)


Me: Girls! Uncle Steven made a HUGE igloo! Want to go over there and see it?

Emma: Yeah! Did he put furniture in it?


Emma: I don’t like how school is so long.

Me: Did you know doctors go to school for a very, very long time?

Emma: Whoa! How long?

Me: Like they keep going to more school after college.  That’s why they are called doctors. It’s the highest type of degree you can get.

Emma: No! Like how long in the day do they sit in their classroom? Like breakfast time to dinner time?


Kate: Hey Emma, let’s play.

Emma: What do you want to play?

Kate: Uhhhh…K-State basketball!


I was in the kitchen and could hear girls talking in the next room.

Kate: Got it! Big one!

Emma: Ew, Kate. Don’t pick your nose.


Kate: I got an eye booger in my eye.

Me: Looks like you got it out.

Kate: Yeah. If it stays there you will die, right?


Driving in the car with Kate. We pass a Chick-Fil-A.

Kate: We can’t go there. Chick-Fil-A so expensive.


Kate: I changed the channel, mom!

Me: You did? By yourself?

Kate: For real, mom.


Listening to the radio in the car.

Kate: What song is this?

Me: Uhhhh…I think it’s called “Do I”.

Kate: Oh. I don’t like do I.


Me: Let’s go, Kate! We are going to be late!

Kate: Wait till this movie is over!

Me: 5 minutes, Kate.

Kate: Ok, it’s over! He kissed the girl.


Scott: Kate, you whine so much.

Kate: I know.


Kate: I’m hungry! I’m thirsty!

Scott: You’re hungry and thirsty?

Kate: Yep and that’s it.


Kate: Let’s pretend I have hot sauce on my taco.

Me: Ok.

Kate: (take a bite) AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (pants and waves her face)


Me: Kate, do you want anything from the store? I’m making a list.

Kate: Yes. I want a heart.


Emma: Mom, does everyone like water?

Me: Yeah. They have to. We couldn’t survive without water.

Emma: Water is just like nothing. It’s just like wet. No flavor.


I was reading a book to Kate. There was a picture of an old radio in one of the illustrations.

Me: Hey, wait. Do you know what this is?

Kate: Yeah.

Me: What is it?

Kate: It’s just like a little thing.


Me: Whoa. Kate! Did you scratch your face?

Kate: No. It’s just a dot. I ok.


Me: Kate, here’s the boat we are renting when we go to Florida! Isn’t it big? (show her a picture on the computer)

Kate: Uhhhh…I don’t see me on there.


Kate: Who sings this song?

Me: Eric Church.

Kate: He like Prince Eric?


Kate: Who sings this song?

Me: Havana Brown.

Kate: Whoa. Havana Brown really good singer.


Kate: Daddy? Are you working in the pretend office or real office today?

Scott: What is the pretend office?

Kate: You sitting here with your computer in your lap.


Me: Kate, do you like your new cousin, Evelyn?

Kate: Wait, what’s her name?

Me: Evelyn.

Kate: Elephant?


At the hospital while Jenna was having her baby. We were in the waiting room.

Kate: Who’s house we at?


In the car.

Kate: Play the night.

Me: What? Yeah, it’s the night.

Kate: No. Play We Run the Night. Vana Brown.


Kate: Hey, it’s not cold outside!

Me: Yeah! It’s getting warmer! (It was about 55 degrees)

Kate: We should go to the beach now.


I was waiting in the car with Kate getting ready to pick up Emma from school.

Kate: I gotta pee really bad.

Me: You are going to have to hold it.

Kate: Uh, my pee almost come out.

Me: Hold it tight!

Kate: Ok, I kick my feet and it go away.


Kate’s shoe fell off in the car.

Kate: My shoe!! Get it!!

Emma: Just pretend you’re Cinderella now.


I was putting my swimsuit on in the gym’s locker room. The girls were waiting for me to finish.

Kate: I got seashells like you! Ha! Mine are small. Yours are wayyyy big! Big seashells!


Playing in the pool with the girls.

Me: Ew, Kate you have a booger. Get out and wipe your nose on one of our towels.

Kate: (drops underwater and blows bubbles out of her nose) All gone! (laughs)

Emma: Ewwww! Mom! Where’s it at? Is it floating?


I was watching a K-State game in my room. The girls were playing in the room next to me.


Kate: Woooo! Giddy up horsey!

(she said this every time I yelled)


I was watching the KU/Baylor game. Kate walks in.

Kate: Who we want to win?

Me: Baylor.

Kate: Baylor a boy or a girl?


Kate walks in my bathroom and steps on our scale.

Kate: Yep. Still 3 years old. (walks out of room)


Kate: Stop the attitude, Mom!

Me: Stop saying that, Kate. You are not the mom. You will go to your room if you say that again.

Kate: Stop the AT.

Me: (mouth dropped)

Kate: I didn’t say it.


I was getting a cart at Target.

Kate: No, I want the kids one!

Me: Ugh, really? How about a normal one?

Kate: Mommy, you like big ones?

Me: (I start laughing) Kate, shhhhh.

Kate:  (shouting) YOU LIKE BIG ONES, MOMMY!!!!

(I never sped off with a kids cart so fast in my life)


Kate: What song is this?

Me: Only God Could Love You More.

Kate: But I love you more, Mom.


Me: Kate, do you want an English muffin with peanut butter for breakfast?

Kate: I’m almost hungry. Not yet.


I took Kate out to eat at a restaurant for lunch.

Kate: Why are those people sitting in those chairs?

Me: They are just sitting at the bar watching basketball.

Kate: Oh. Why aren’t we at the bar?


The girls and I were swinging on our hammock on a nice evening.

Emma: I love the sound of birds chirping.

Me: Me too.

Kate: I love the sound of those kids screaming over there.


I was holding my niece, Evelyn.

Kate: Hey! You didn’t wash your hands.

Me: I’m good. I don’t pick my nose.

Kate: Oh. Me and Emma do.


Emma: Kate, did you know you are a skeleton?

Kate: No, I not!

Emma: Uh, yeah you are. All you gotta do is make a boo-boo. Then rip open the boo-boo and move the blood away and you’ll see your skeleton.

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