March Madness.

Ooooo…what’s this little jewel? Ha!

I send a mass text message to Scott’s family. I double check to make sure Scott’s brother, Mark, (a UT grad) is on the text:


I hear Scott’s phone ding with my text.

Scott: BUG!! It’s 7:30 in the morning!! Are you seriously starting the trash talk this early?

Me: What? Is that a problem? He’s awake.

Sometimes I think I’m the sports-obsessed male in this relationship. What is wrong with me? Do I have hair on my chest?

  • I swear, by April, I will be making myself an appointment at the doctor because I’ll have a freaking UTI. If K-State is winning, I will not move. I don’t care how bad I have to pee. Once the ending buzzer sounds, you can bet money I am running with duck butt to the toilet. And probably tweeting at the same time.
  • I am seriously considering buying 3 tickets to the Big 12 Tourney in Kansas City today. The 3 ticket holders will be Emma, Kate and myself. I will brave downtown with a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old on a school night. The girls will love it. Scott is out of town tonight. Suckaaaaaa.
  • If K-State loses at any point in this season, oh dear Lord. When I say don’t talk to me, I mean it. Do not talk to me. I will probably have an epic meltdown on Twitter.
  • I have done my research to counter any argument against K-State not being the best team in the nation.
  • I showed Kate a video of KSU’s tunnel dance on YouTube. Kate: Uh, why are they dancing? They need to be playing basketball. She will make a fine KSU Women’s Basketball player one day.
  • One of the rules in our house is no screaming. But if K-State hits a 3 at the buzzer against Baylor? Oh, sorry girls. Did mommy wake you with her screaming? K-State won! Let’s all just scream it out! Open the windows and scream! Eeeeeeeeee!!! Ok, go back to bed.
  • I read every article. Sportstalk radio? It’s the only thing my car speakers know. ESPN on TV? Get out of here, Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • I need anxiety meds. Or a shot of estrogen to make me a normal woman. A day at the spa as long as they let me check scores on my phone. Man, somethin’.

Let the March Madness begin, folks!! I wish your favorite teams luck! Uh, unless they play K-State.

Oh wait, Texas won’t be dancin’ this year, Mark. BOOM.

9 thoughts on “March Madness.

  1. As a Mizzou fan, I was disappointed to see MU leave the Big 12 or 10 or whatever it is nowadays. And I don’t just say that because of the easy W KSU was so accom…oh, wait, we don’t know each other well enough for me to say that! Sorry, great blog! lol.


    1. Whoa whoa there little tiger! Do we need to fight this out? Cat to cat? Lol.

      Actually my dad is a Mizzou fan. You would be happy to know that the only reason I went to Kstate is bc he told me I could go anywhere but KU.


  2. Did you post a graphic that includes a win over Lamar…come on Jules. Is Lamar even a real school? If you’ve resorted to bragging about wins over Lamar and Texas Southern, that could be a sign of greater problems. I hate ot be the one to have to break this to you, but K-Sate is over-rated. You guys have a history or being over-rated, need I remind you of Michael Beasley and his cornrows? You failed to deliver that year, and you will fail to deliver this year. You’ll end up with a 3 seed and a free trip home after the round of 32…sorry hun.


    1. Here is further proof. You guys played a soft non-conference schedule (as usual). You only played 2 really good non-conference teams, Michigan and Gonzaga, and not only did you lose both of them, you got smoked. You lost twice to KU (i’ll bet that burned), and this year top to bottom your conference is soft. You don’t have to be that bummed about it, some programs are just destined for mediocrity. Just watch out for that first round game…sometimes those 14 seeds can put up quite a fight.


      1. So you are saying Florida is a no name team? We thoroughly beat them in the non conference. We’ve had tough non conference schedules for the past several years so stop talking out of your ass.

        Lol at your comment about K State being overrated. We are co champs of the Big 12 and are ranked #11….seems about right.

        Go back to your mom’s basement.


  3. Scooter pie…Florida is a cup cake baby, they’ll get bounced in the second round too. If that is what you hang your hat on…you guys are in trouble. And just for the record, beating a team by 6 points does not constitute a thorough beating. You speak of a tough non-conference schedule, are you referring to Delaware (only won by 3 points), or perhaps George Washington (another nail biting 3 point win), how about West Virginia (pulled that one out by a point). That was an impressive win against South Dakota, ditto versus North Florida, and lets not forget North Dakota…I think it’s fair to say you guys have got a handle on those Dakota teams…not so much against Jayhawk nation though (and no i’m not a jayhawk fan…i don’t even know what the F*** Rock Chalk even means).

    A number 11 ranking doesn’t mean anything, had you beaten USC Upstate by 20 instead of only 19…you could have cracked the top 10.

    I don’t live in my Mom’s basement (although I did laugh for a good 4 minutes at that comment).


    1. The important thing to know is that means you can’t back up what you said. The next time your wife writes a blog, perhaps you should leave it up to her to write and respond to the comments.

      Jules, I really do enjoy reading your blog…do try to keep your hubby from spoiling things.


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