Emma plays hooky.

Hi, this is the school nurse calling. I have Emma here with me and she’s not feeling well.

Oh crap. Well, this is never a good phone call.

Emma got sick today. Just a tiny bit in her hand. Then a tiny bit on her desk a few minutes later. She doesn’t have a fever. It’s up to you whether or not you want to take her home. It might have been more coughing up something than throw up.

Ah! Ok I’ll pick her up.

She may just need to rest for a little bit then bring her back if she feels ok. Emma said she had a Poptart for breakfast. Maybe that just didn’t settle well.

Geez, Emma! Way to call me out on the Poptart! I hope she didn’t say it was a Smores Poptart. It’s not an every day breakfast choice of mine but the morning was a little hectic minus a husband and our electricity mysteriously going out. Not to mention, I wasn’t thinking clearly because my coffee machine was not working due to the lack of electricity.

Mom of the year choses Smores Poptarts for breakfast! Holla!

I rushed up to the school to pick up Emma. I had a dentist appointment scheduled 30 minutes later. Scott was gone. My mom didn’t answer her phone. No one was available last minute. I drove off with Emma wondering what I should do.

I look back at Emma and she gives me this face:


Then she busts open her backpack and pulls out her afternoon snack and eats it.

Hey! What are you doing?!

I’m really hungry, Mom. I feel a little better.

Uh…do you want me to get you a Sprite or something? I have to go to the dentist. Do you feel ok to sit and watch?

Yes, I want Sprite. I’ll go to dentist with you. Can I get a toy?

I drove through McDonalds. I ordered Emma a Sprite.

Mom, can I have pancakes?

WHAT?! Emma! You are NOT sick!

I’m really hungry!

She got the narrow slit eyes from me. You’re going back to school after my dentist appointment.

Emma giggles her way through my teeth cleaning. I thought she was coloring. She was really playing with a halloween picture app on my phone.

The evidence I found later that night:




Emma scored a few toys from my dentist for being “sick” before we left.

Due to the time, I had to immediately pick up Kate from preschool. Kate’s teacher saw Emma in the car and asked me if Emma was sick.

Uh, well…Ha. Yeah, the school nurse called…

Kate’s teacher laughs. Oh, well she must not be too sick if she’s eating pancakes!

Emma was back at school before noon.

4 thoughts on “Emma plays hooky.

  1. in regards to your writing career, have you ever read dooce.com? She basically stays at home and writes about her and her family satirically. You could totally start running ads on here!


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