Big changes are coming.

I have decided to look for a job. Paying job, that is. It is time to turn in my many different hats. Hats including:

  • World’s fastest speed cleaner if company comes over.
  • Sorta half-ass cook.
  • Laundry operator. Folder. Hanger-upper. Clothes-on-the-floor-dumper and hope husband is bothered enough to help.
  • CEO of the family. Yay or Nay ends with me.
  • Security of the household. Also known as expert spy on which neighbors are getting FedEx packages.
  • Nurse that mostly provides hugs and kisses. Because if there’s blood involved, I will faint.
  • Preschool expert. Blue triangle! Yellow square! 1+1=2! Hola! Count to ten! That’s as far as my made-up teaching degree gets me.
  • Driver of the family vehicle. Oh, what I would pay for a limo/taxi style piece of glass separating me from those toy-throwing, wheels-on-the-bus-singing monkeys in the back.
  • Official butt wiper. Snot wiper. T-shirt aim for a puking kid.

I believe that the average worth of a stay-at-home mom is $112,000 a year. I mean, holding the bottom of your t-shirt up like a bowl for someone to puke in? Who does that?! Only for big money.

My girls are growing up. They are kids now; the baby years are over. We were lucky to be able to make the decision whether or not I should go to work or stay at home after I had Emma. I chose to stay with the girls, my babies. I wanted to raise them. I wanted to see their milestones myself. I wanted to teach them about the world they were born into. I wanted to spend carefree weekdays at the pool in the summer and roll around in the snow in the winter.

I did that.

The guilt of not using my Bachelor of Arts degree is setting in. I spent 7 years at one of the hardest jobs in the world. I want to see what it’s like in the working, paying world. My guess is it’s a lot easier. It’s time for a professional educator to teach my kids. After all, I just want my kids to be happy.

I know what I want to do. I want to write.

I have a different personality compared to my “writer” self. I could spend all day at the computer tapping away at the keyboard. Give me a topic – I’ll write about it. I’ll make jokes about it. I’ll laugh at myself. I don’t know, I just write how I think. It’s fun. It’s easy.  It’s me in my thoughts. I never really question if what I am writing is good. But when I go back and re-read things, I read it from a strangers perspective. “Did I write that? That’s actually kinda good. Can I hang out with this girl?”  

I’m not like that in person.

I can’t make people laugh in person. But somehow I can when I write.

As far as how I am going to get into a writing career …that is the hard part. Really hard. I have a black hole in my resume.

There will be no changes to this blog. I will still be here and writing about my personal life. That will never change.

Anyone need a writer?

8 thoughts on “Changes.

  1. you have a blog, you have a B.A., you know how the system is(sorta).. llook on the net for freelance writers, and you can do both.. be a mom, and write for a career.. awai is a good place to start, with your background and insight to (real life).. good luck in your future…R


      1. BE brave, Hell, you brought 2 girls into the world.. I have had the joy of being called ‘daddy’ since I was 48 yrs.. never knew what I was missing… and I love it at 54.. NEVER had a child seat in my car\truck til then.. was more worried about “the next flight out’..have fun, and remember that it isn’t a JOB if you love what you do..R


  2. Good luck with your job search! I’m just the opposite! I worked for the past 7 years and now that Brody is getting ready to start Kindergarten I’m thinking about staying home (or reducing hours at least) during the elementry years. My friend actually posted this on Facebook today…
    They are looking for someone with 5 years of experience, but you never know! I’ll let you know if I hear of anything. I see a lot of the IABC job postings.


  3. You are already an amazing writer, among other things (t-shirt bowl for vomit! BEST MOM EVER!). Once you find the right job for you, I know you’ll be amazing at it. When you finish your first column, short story, or novel… I’ll be one of the first people in line dying to read it. You are full of some amazing good stuff, and I’m grateful that you share it! You keep me laughing, smiling, and wondering what’s going to happen next 🙂 Thanks! And all the best luck to you!


  4. If it makes you feel better about staying home – my mom was a stay at home mom until I was in middle school. She loved being president of the PTA and volunteering in the classrooms (aka: volunteering everywhere). But it’s great that you were able to be there for their young years! Those are definitely special times 🙂


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