Adventures of Buddy.

My friend, Cierra, and I bake sugar cookies every year. Like the good sugar cookies. These aren’t sugar cookies that we can just whip up in a mixer and plop in the oven. I’ve made these sugar cookies since I was a kid. The dough needs to be made in advance. I steal my mom’s good Christmas cookie cutters the night before. I try to cheat and buy pre-made frosting but Cierra will call me out on my laziness – we make the frosting from scratch too. I don’t know how many years we have been doing this, maybe 5? We rearrange our busy holiday schedules to get together. There is always wine and husband-complaining involved.

This year we changed it up and went with mimosas instead of wine. And we started at noon.

The night before, I sent Cierra a text message:

Hey look. Buddy is ready to make cookies with us tomorrow.
Hey look. Buddy is ready to make cookies with us tomorrow.


Oh wait, this is more accurate. LOL
Oh wait, this is more accurate. LOL


Cierra: OMG. Post that on Facebook.

Me: LOL. Ok. See ya tomorrow at noon. Scott said he wants us to arm wrestle. Bring OJ. I forgot it at store.

Cierra: Ok. I’ll bring diet OJ.

Me: WTF is that? Is that a real thing?

Cierra: Haaaaa


Noon the next day. The bubbly was popped. The lower calorie OJ was flowing – not as much as the bubbly but the effort was there.

Text message to Scott:

Arm wrestling. You're missing out, Scott.
Arm wrestling. You’re missing out, Scott.

The second bottle of bubbly was popped. Our champagne flutes somehow magically went from orange to clear. We told ourselves to take Tylenol just because we are in our 30s. Cookies were getting sloppy. Sprinkles were thrown. Red hots were eaten straight from the container. The only thing you could hear from my kitchen was giggling. I made Cierra’s husband, a huge KU fan, a Powercat cookie with his name on it. I just knew he would absolutely LOVE it. One of us specifically made blue frosting just so we could have a blue balls snowman cookie made.

3 hours later:



Who wants a cookie.
Who wants a cookie.

Let me tell you…our husbands really enjoyed us by nightfall. Scott is not a clean person. But he nearly had a heart attack when he walked in the house and saw the disaster in the kitchen. Then he got mad when he learned I gave away my share of the cookies to the neighbors. It was the neighborly thing to do. I did remember to save him a ball of cookie dough in the fridge.  Your welcome, Scott.

9 pm. Text message to Cierra:

Buddy isn't feeling too hot right now.
Buddy isn’t feeling too hot right now.

Cierra, until next year! I’m already counting down the days for my favorite holiday tradition!


4 thoughts on “Adventures of Buddy.

  1. Too funny! I ran a guest- feature with Elves on the Shelf posts from other people who came up with funny shots! You should send a few for your own guest-feature 🙂 (shameless self-endorsement here).


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