Kid artwork.

Oh! Emma! What did you draw here?

“It’s a teacup, mom! I messed up on the handle.”

Oh. Hey Scott, come here for a second.

Did you see Emma’s picture? It’s a teacup but she messed up on the handle.

“Mom! It goes this way! See the table? But it’s trash. You can throw it away.”

Oh! Sorry. Scott, it goes this way. And it’s trash.

Scott walked out of the room.

15 thoughts on “Kid artwork.

  1. Oh my! I have some that my son has drawn that make me wonder if he’s going to be like Jonah Hill’s character in “Superbad”. Not intentionally, of course, I believe these would be referred to as “Unintentional Genitalia”. Take that, Search Engine Terms!


  2. I had to look away from the screen until I could catch my breath…. PLEASE tell me you are saving this… Forever. It would be the perfect thing to show future gallery owners. “Oh Emma? She’s -always- been an artist. Here, look. This is one of her earlier works.’


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