My Wish List

This time of year is completely crazy for our family.  I’m sure it’s the same for every family to be busier than normal during the holidays.  But I feel like my family has an exception.

The BIRTHDAYS.  From November 4th-December 31st we have 9 birthdays.  That is just within our immediate families.  My 3 siblings and I all have a November or December birthday.  My mom is in December.  My sister’s husband is in November.   My other sister’s husband is in December.  Scott’s dad and brother are in December.

Is there seriously nothing else to do in February and March but make babies??? It’s like mating season.

Birthday and Christmas wish lists generally go out early. I sent out my list about a month ago.

As of yesterday, I have retracted it. I’ve thought about this immensely. I have decided that I don’t need or even want “stuff”. There is only one thing I desperately, selfishly want this year. It’s a memory. A memory that requires funds.


I’m am changing my birthday/Christmas wish list. First and foremost, I would like prayers for K-State to finish these next two games with a W. Then I just want the funds to help us get ourselves into Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida on January 7, 2013.

Airline tickets. BCS bowl tickets. Spending money. Babysitters. New bikini. Umbrella straws. Take your pick where my present goes towards.

If KSU loses to Baylor (ha) or Texas then all bets off. Go back to original list and try to help me out of my depression.

This is a once in a freaking lifetime event.
It’s all I’ve ever really wanted since August of 2000. I was at the Big 12 Championship game in Kansas City in 2003. And I am going to be there for the 2013 National Championship.

I’m serious. Thank you.

Oh no, I’m tearing up.


4 thoughts on “My Wish List

    1. Thank you. Ah, but I still asked for funds for a new bikini and umbrella straws for a rum cocktail. I’m still a woman after all…. Ha


  1. Great list! My biggest regret is not getting the the Auburn championship game. I really should’ve had a list like yours for Christmas in 2010. This month is a crazy birthday month, isn’t it?! Both of my boys have birthdays this month and it gets crazy this time of year.


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