The Bill Snyder Pumpkin.

To my fellow K-State fans: Whelp. I did it.

I carved Bill Snyder’s face into a pumpkin.

The Bill Snyder Pumpkin.

Yeah, I’m probably considered crazy that I actually carved Bill Snyder’s head into a pumpkin while my kids slept at 10 pm last night. And I probably looked even crazier with the biggest smile on my face, knife in hand for 2 hours. I don’t know what to say but halloween and autumn and KSU football – BCS ranked #3 – get me all riled up.

I took a picture off the internet then opened it photoshop. I did some magical taps on the keyboard and clicks of the mouse. And BOOM:

The making of the Bill Snyder Pumpkin.

In all honesty, this was my 2nd attempt. My first Bill pumpkin was an epic failure. Well, I had to try again. One of Snyder’s 16 goals is “never give up”. It was like the white-haired wizard himself was guiding my hands.

Emma wants me to carve her face next. Oh dear. What did I start?

13 thoughts on “The Bill Snyder Pumpkin.

  1. haha i have no carving skills whatsoever. we paint pumpkins at our house! my children wont be deprived will they?! ha. i do love bill though. PLEASE be careful with him outside so no hooligans try to steal or smash him!!


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