Mommy shaming.

I went around the house last night “mommy shaming” myself while Scott was giving the girls a bath. If you are unfamiliar what mommy/dog/baby shaming is, it is holding up a sign in front of yourself, dog or baby admitting something shameful. I believe it all started with this dog shaming website. 

I can’t help but admit my own mommy-shames because Lord knows I have some:

I put my kids in a tub of water and call it a bath.
I let my kids eat NERDS all the time b/c I like the noise they make when vacuumed.
My kids know what a “hoppy” beer smells like.
I don’t get dressed for day until it’s 3:15 in afternoon. And only for the (school) parents.
I am researching long distance baby monitors so I can drink w/my neighbors.
I am not picking this up unless company comes over.
I told my kids raisins are candy. It worked.

Scott asked what I was doing. I showed him my signs.

Scott: Ha. That’s cute.

Me: Cute? It’s funny!

Scott: (shrugs) Yeah, I guess.

Me: Fine. Whatever.

Sorry future teenagers. Beat you to the sex cave.
And I made my 3 year old take this picture.


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118 thoughts on “Mommy shaming.

  1. LoL, I totally enjoyed this post! And no worries, I do the not getting dressed unless going out or expecting company thing too. I’m gonna have to try doing this too sometime.


  2. Loved this post! Hilarious. Can’t wait until I have my own kids/dog so that I can join in on the fun. Actually, I could probably do this with my fiance but he wouldn’t like it!


  3. Reblogged this on TURTLE LOST AT SEA …. and commented:
    The first nine months of being a mother is really painful and isn’t comparable to any physical pain (according to my mom), but everything’s worth it after those months. The pain of giving birth was all worth it once you hear the first sound of your child’s cry.

    Being a mother is really a tough job. You need to make sure that the house is clean, that the children’s grades are up, and your husband has lunch for work. But the stress and fatigue are all worth it once you child gets an A, or your husband gets promoted. These are all the perks of being a mother.


    1. It is a difficult job being a Mother, I commend and praise you for all of your good efforts. At playground we try and help make mom’s jobs easier by having our interactive characters teach children the fundamentals of sports. Cheers to you the Mothers.


  4. Oh wow, too funny. Grown twenty-something kids came home for CanadianThanksgiving and at Sunday breakfast, I started laughing at myself. While eating my cold pancake I was thinking how I should tell second son and his dad to look at each other while talking instead of the newspaper (dad) and computer (son), how I should instruct youngest daughter to have the conversation with dad about grad school after breakfast, and did I need to let oldest daughter know the baby’s nose needed to be wiped? Shame on me for trying to control the room, but I was amused by my own imaginary puppet strings.


  5. Lol you’re right this is super funny. I only just found out about the dog shamming yesterday (I’m so out of the loop!). I love the raisin one! haha you’re awesome. 🙂


  6. Haha, I know what I’ll be doing later, although….researching long distance baby monitors to get drunk at a neighbours, really??? Hasn’t she heard of Madeleine McCann


  7. Good golly miss molly, this cracked me up! COMSL! (That’s “Choking On My Spit Laughing”.) For the record, I put bubbles in the “bath” so the kid comes out smelling like they’ve actually been washed.


  8. This was awesome. Totally deserved the WP award! I am going to follow you on Twitter. I found you because I am in a bloggers group on Facebook…Every Friday someone goes and finds a kick ass blog and then all the members come over and leave a comment and follow. We call it a flocking! 🙂 So, you’ve been flocked by our group today, and you may see a bunch of comments from other bloggers who stopped by to say- your blog kicks ass!


    1. Totally hilarious and flocked!

      Thanks for brightening my Friday morning ’cause the sunny california is under a cold spell today…cheers!


  9. why can’t we have more neighbors like you?!
    (yer kinda like we were, when our kids wuzz younger (well, so were we)).
    and my occasional ‘naked’ profile pixure was taknn by my daughter, but thasss unuthur story.
    maybe we’ll move in next door to you. tell us when there’s a vacancy?


  10. I would totally do this but I keep thinking to myself, “I wonder if these would be admissible in a court of law” and “I bet my husband would use these against me in the child custody hearing.” Heck, I might do it for those reasons alone! 🙂

    You have a mighty fine blog here, sister! Consider yourself flocked…yeah, I’m always one of the last ones. My tail feathers drag me down a little. 🙂


  11. I think your kids are going to look back on this one day and think that they have a really cool Mom. After the teenage years, lol! 🙂 Great post! – Flocked! –


  12. Looks like I’m late to the party… This is what I get for looking back through the older “Freshly Pressed” stuff, but so glad I found this. Too funny! I have made my four year old take pictures too. Let’s hope that doesn’t violate any kind of child labor laws.


  13. Love it! Especially the baby monitor researching. That’s one of those things you don’t read about in the parenting books, but it’s crucial to know if your kids are ok while you’re across the street by a firepit drinking beer.


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