Our neighbors must hate us.

**Disclaimer: Graphic photo of dead deer in this post.**

If our next door neighbors didn’t hate us before this weekend, they do now.

Scott will be bowing down to me for several weeks after the stunt he pulled this weekend. He’s still on a giddy high from shooting one of the biggest bucks of his life. But that’s normal.

This. This is not normal:


It is what you think it is. A deer. The head is to the right. He hoisted this thing from our deck while I was distracted by KSU football and beer.

Not to sound like a naggy wife here but to totally sound like a naggy wife – SCOTT!! Really? If I were our neighbor and stepped outside and saw THAT. I would scream, run inside and hide. I would pray that dead animal hanging up from the back of the house was a Halloween prop. I would seriously avoid any contact with the fear farm neighbors.

Scott might as well climb to the roof, rip his shirt off, fist pump his chest and let out a barbaric roar towards the woods behind us. Wait, I shouldn’t give him any photo op ideas.

I told Scott this had to go. Immediately.Β The home association is writing up the next amendment –

“No dead carcasses hanging from homes. What is wrong with you, you effing hillbillies.

He listened.Β He dropped what was left of the deer on the farm he hunts on. That deer can go back to the earth and not hanging in front of our window.

I truly believe this is why God blessed him with two daughters – his testosterone levels needs to come down a notch. Oh wait.

12 thoughts on “Our neighbors must hate us.

  1. This just doesn’t seem like a big issue to me. I grew up with my dad hunting and normally dressed his own kills. He didn’t bleed them off the house, but instead in what was a former milk barn, but eh, not that big of a deal. Enjoy the great meat.


    1. Ok your comment makes me feel a little better. I thought the picture posted was too graphic. I think if you grew up with a hunter there is a much different perspective. I did not so its freaking me out. Emma and Kate will think this is not a big deal when they are older. Ha


  2. This so sounds like my household, Mine has not yet brought home his prize deer this year but it’s always more than one when it happens due to my (22) year old son, and a couple friends, also my (15 and 14) year old DAUGHTERS…. they did not get my genes to stay where it is warm….. I do have to say my 15 yo when she was 13 shot her first deer that was 13 points, needless to say her daddy has it hanging on our Living room wall along with 2 other’s, it’s a little freaky at night I have that feeling someone is watching…..Love your crazy blog


    1. Oh yes, Scott has a deer mount on wall. This one is going to taxidermist today. He would LOVE to display Emma’s one day! I stay where its warm too. Lol Thanks for reading!


    1. Haha Kate does what Emma does. And Emma is a daddy’s girl… Bring yourself and girls over here so we can drink hot cocoa and watch movies on the cold days my girls are hunting. Lol πŸ™‚


  3. I didn’t grow up in a hunting family, but definitely married a hunter. We have 3 racks and a deer head in our front room, and a bear rug hanging from our bedroom wall. We did the exact same thing as Scott three weeks ago in our back yard. We left it hanging for almost two days, then butchered it on our dining room table. So this wasn’t anything new for me! It’s not so scary or gross when you know you’re going to have lots of meat from it. I’m thankful for venison every day, and it’s darn good eating!! We’re hoping for two more in the next few weeks. One more from hubby’s amazing hunting, and one from my stepson.


    1. Scott thinks you are the coolest wife ever. Ha! So do you process your own meat? We are having trouble finding someone to process it for us… He’s hearing rumors of places here adding goat meat.


      1. LOL, tell Scott that I have my drawbacks! Yes, we process our own meat. There are a few places around here that we’re comfortable with, but it’s super expensive.

        The person who processes that’s closest to us wanders around town dirty all of the time, so I’m not keen on taking my meat to him. We’ve also been told that he just puts all of the deer that he gets together, and gives you whatever he thinks your deer added up to in poundage. We’re extremely picky about how we clean it, and don’t want someone elses meat with ours. We don’t currently make sausage or grind any of it, but are going to start once the dear husband buys me my KitchenAid with all of the wonderful attachments!


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