Aunt Jules re-born: March 2013!

Guess what?!?!

Eeeeeeeeee!!! A gift for my niece, Gabby, and cousin no. 2!

I’m going to be an AUNT again!!

My baby sister, Jenna, and her new husband, Steven, are going to bless my other arm with a bundle of pink or blue in March! Aunt Jules is getting her hands full of babies!

I cannot wait to add to my collection of footprints!

Will those footsies be another niece? Or will it be a nephew? My parents have 3 granddaughters. Will the boy show up? Or will my sisters and our daughters forever share clothes, bobby pins, tampons, curling irons and makeup?  Whatever the sex, I am freaking PUMPED. This Aunthood is awesome. My sisters pop the babies out and I get to spoil them. No loss of sleep required.

I would like to give a shout-out to Jenna and Steven – thank you for not opting for the pet first (and tricking me into “fake aunt” status). Way to shoot for the gold and make a human right off the bat! 5 finger high-fives! No paws here!

Congrats, Jenna and Steven!

And Babe – I can’t wait to see your cute little face! Aunt Jules will be at your side on your birthday, just like she was for your cousin Gabby! I will live-tweet your birth! Aunt Jules is very good at keeping updates to friends and family! You have a lot of people waiting for you! We will hold hands while you scream and get your little lungs working. I will beg the nurse to double dip your feet in ink for my shirt. I’m never washing it, Babe. Your big cousins, Emma and Kate, will hold you in your little burrito of blankets while you sleep. Give me a hint, Babe! A pink or blue burrito??

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