Emma brought home her 1st grade portrait on Friday. She’s adorable. I swear her hair looked spiral-curled when we walked out the door on picture day. I don’t know what happened. Curly-haired babies should come with a hairstyling handbook when they leave the hospital. Or a free bottle of mousse.

I pulled out my first grade picture. Low and behold – my hair was curled and crazy too. My curls are the fake kind.

So what did I do after smiling at our resemblances? I picked up my stash of yearbooks and looked through them.


6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade

Don’t laugh too hard. I know.

And what’s sad, a part of me still thinks I look like this. I hope I wake up one day and have middle school amnesia. Looking back – with the exception of one or two beautiful freaks of nature – everyone had a bad year or two. I don’t remember them looking dorky at the time, but um, yeah they kinda were.

And I was a lucky enough to get 4 years of dorkiness. I don’t even think Scott has seen these pictures.

I am so happy Emma is cooler than I ever was. Emma likes theatre classes. I hated any form of extracurricular activity. She is not scared of crowds of people. She kindly talks to any kid she comes across. She’s assertive. She actually says funny things out loud instead of saying it in her head like I did. She can be a tad dramatic at times, but what woman isn’t? She would much rather be running around with the neighborhood kids than reading in her room – which was my favorite activity. She should handle the awkward middle school years well. To me, she will always be one of the beautiful freaks of nature anyway.

Now that I’ve completely embarrassed myself, I will let you lovely readers get back to your day.

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