Oh Emma, Oh Kate.

Kate’s backpack has peace signs on it. Emma was examining it in the car.

Emma: What does this peace sign mean?

Me: Well…like no fighting…peace, like everyone is happy.

Kate: See Emma! This says no fighting over my backpack!


Emma: Hey! Wait a minute! So when Kate’s at school and I am at school, you won’t have any kids to watch!

Me: Yep! Only for a few hours though.

Emma: A few hours without fighting in the house!


Emma had a cavity filled. I was called back after she was done. Kate started to cry.

Dentist: Oh no! Why is she crying?

Kate: I want a cavity too!

Me: She wants a cavity too. (laugh)

Dentist: Here, she can have a cookie.


I was driving with Kate. We saw a school bus with kids in it. It was about lunchtime.

Kate: What’s that bus doing with kids?

Me: Oh it’s probably picking up kindergarten, I bet.

Kate: I wanna pick up in bed too!


Scott went gator hunting in south Florida. Our friend Casey spent the night, the night before they left. Kate woke up after they were gone.

Kate: Where’s Casey?

Me: Casey is gone for a few days.

Kate: I’ll get my swimsuit and wait for him.

Me: No, lets not do that.

Kate: I gotta pee really bad! Take my pants off!

(I take them off, and she runs off. She runs back to me with her swimsuit on.)

Kate: HAAAAA! Tricked you! I got my swimsuit on now!


I could hear Emma and Kate have a conversation while they were coloring.

Kate: Ok, what is your middle name?

Emma: Grace. Kinda like grease.


Kate: Who is your favorite dog? Bailey or Belle?

Emma: Kate! That is a really rude question. I’m not picking.


Emma: Mom, why do you call Aunt JJ, JJ?

Me: Because our mom didn’t want everyone to call her Jessie since her name is Jessica. So we called her JJ instead.

Emma: Well, I like Jessie. Jessie is a cute name. Maybe they would think she was named after Jessie in Toy Story.


Me: Kate! I said NO!

Kate: What does NO mean?

(I was left speechless…)


Scott and I were taking Kate to school in the car.

Kate: Dad?

Scott: Yes?

Kate: Whatever.


I could overhear another Emma and Kate conversation.

Kate: Kid tooted in school today.

Emma: (laughing) What did you say?

Kate: Do it again! (laughs)


I told Emma night before school that she should have hot lunch the next day because it included cinnamon rolls. Emma chose cold lunch instead.

After school….

Me: Did the cinnamon rolls look good?

Emma: Yes.

Me: I told you…should have gotten the hot lunch!

Emma: Well, mom. Not THAT good. They, like, didn’t even have icing on it.


In the car with the girls.

Kate: Why we gotta wear seatbelts?

Me: To keep everyone safe. It holds you to your seat if I were to crash.

Emma: Yeah, if mommy crashes, we would go flying out the window. Right, mom?

Me: Yes, it’s possible.

Emma: Like Tinkerbell!


Kate climbed in bed with Scott and I one morning. Scott was wearing his typical sleepwear of boxer briefs.

Kate: Why do boys sleep naked?

Scott: What?

Kate: You naked. Why do boys sleep naked like that?


I turned on the TV and tennis was on.

Kate: Is this K-State or Chiefs?

Me: It’s tennis. It’s not K-State or Chiefs.

Kate: Oh. I don’t like tennis.


One of my favorite bloggers, My Life and Kids, has a video of how to make fart noises with a straw (Watch the video here) I was practicing in the kitchen in front of Kate.

Kate: Mom! Stop it!

(I straw fart.)

Kate: Mom! I don’t like that noise! Stop!

(I straw fart.)

Me: Why, Kate? It’s funny (I straw fart.)

Kate: Mom! No!

Me: Do you want to try?

Kate: (smiles) Yeah, yeah! Let me try!


I am working on Christmas lists for my in-laws and parents.

Me: Kate, what do you want for Christmas?

Kate: Ummmm… a Christmas tree!

Me: Ok, what else?

Kate: Lights and ornaments!


Me: Emmmmma! Come here!


Me: Emmmaaa! Princess Emma!

(from the stairs)

Emma: Mom. I’m not a princess yet. Wait until I marry a prince like Princess Kate did in England.


Me: Hi Kate! How was school today?

Kate: Teacher said I could go to Nana’s house tomorrow. She said it’s ok.


Me: Kate, what do you want to do on our mommy and Kate day?

Kate: Uh…call Papa and tell him to get me some doughnuts.


Me: Kate, lets paint your room! What color should we paint it?

Kate: Ummmm…Black.

Me: You want a black room?

Kate: Yes. And spider webs on the ceiling.

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