Spelling Lessons.

So I’m pulling out paperwork out of Emma’s backpack last week.

I pull out a colorful page. The first thing I see is “Ass”.

Oh crap. What did she do?!

“The ass deg in the drt.”

Oh ok. I see. She’s was trying to sound out ANTS. Funny.

I texted it to my family. Every one got a laugh out of the spelling mistake.

Then yesterday I pull out more paperwork.

Oh no.

“Ass can dig.”

It looks like she originally spelled “ants” correctly but for some reason erased it and wrote “ass” again.

Then I pull out this bomb. I about died laughing.

“This story is about ass.”

After I got ahold of myself from laughing so hard, I explained to Emma that “ants” is spelled A-N-T-S. I know the teachers like the kids to sound out the words themselves but I just had to intervene here. I mean, she can’t be going through life thinking:

  • The ass took over the kitchen.
  • There is a queen ass in the ass colonies.
  • This is a worker ass.
  • The ass can lift 50 times its weight.
  • Black ass do not harm humans.
  • Ass loves sugar.
  • Ass need water to survive.
  • Does anyone remember the giant ass in the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids?
  • Ass live in the ground.
  • Watch out for the red ass – they bite!
  • Look at that ass trail!
  • There are many types of ass.
  • Spiders eat ass.
  • We need to get some ass bait.

One thought on “Spelling Lessons.

  1. Bwhahaha! That’s funny. My son uses ‘creative’ spelling all the time too. And most of the time it’s so creative that I don’t know what he is saying.


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