A hunting video.

So I’m jacking around on my computer with Kate. She wanted to watch some videos when she was a baby. Fine, I’ll close out ancestry.com for 5 minutes.

Oh! What is this! Daddy is making hunting videos! He’s talking to the camera, Kate! Let’s watch.

Who knows who he’s talking to. According to this video footage, he’s talking to “guys”. And then we see hours of footage of absolutely nothing. Not one kill. He must suck at hunting. I’m actually glad he’s shooting animals with a camera and not a gun.

Scott, here’s my 1 minute version of a hunting video – using your footage. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “A hunting video.

  1. I so have to show my hubby, this is all he talks about doing is filming a hunt….. And he wants me to do the video… Heck No! I can find better things to do then sit in a field or a tree at the butt crack of dawn…… love your blogs……


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