A day on the computer.

Well, I hope everyone reading my blog for the first time doesn’t think I’m a complete KSU psycho. I swear we, as a family, are normal K-State fans.

My latest post was about being excited to take the girls to a KSU football game and showing them around Manhattan. Then this happened today: a little boy was told he had to turn his Michigan shirt inside out because it went against the school dress code – which apparently only includes sportswear from Oklahoma schools.

Ah! Poor kid! Let him wear his favorite shirt!

One day, may all 5-year-olds be able to cheer for the college of their choice without being reprehended.

That is all I’m going to say about that.

I have been too busy to really pay attention to today’s news. Kate and I find ourselves pretty bored without Emma here during the day. So what did I do? I signed up for two free weeks on ancestry.com.

Oh dear Lord.

It’s worse than Pinterest. Don’t do it unless you have got some time on your hands.

I cannot stop researching my family history. And Scott’s family history.

Now, let it be known: I love history. So this perks my interest. But this is way more fascinating than just reading about the Civil War. This stuff is all in your blood! They all had children that led to you. It’s mind-blowing to think about.

I have traced Scott’s family back to the 1400s. I have found pictures from the Civil War of his great great great grandpa. He fought for the Union – win-ners! A few more generations back, a grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War – hey, Emma kinda started her own mini revolution for sports fans! I found the marriage documentation to his 11th great grandpa and grandma. They married in England in 1605. They arrived in Virginia in 1624 – WHAAA…that is like immediately after Pocahontas passed away. Several generations of men had two wives in their lifetime. One wife would pass away and then immediately the next year a new wife and new kid – I swear Scott, if you did that to me, I would haunt your ass. The ancestors I found in the 1400s were freakin’ knights. Bad ass knights. They were spoken very highly of from this guy:

Yeah. This guy is King Edward IV from England.

It is open-mouthed craziness to see the lineage and documentation to these people. And haven’t even gotten to any of the wives of each generation. You know they probably have some stories to tell. I really haven’t even touched my side too much. I’m held up at the border in Mexico on my mom’s side. I did find my great grandpa’s pass into the U.S. from Mexico. He arrived on Kate’s birthday in 1919. I like to think Kate could feel her great great Mexican grandpa swirling in her genes. She knew it was a good day to get out of Mexico or the womb.

My contacts are popping off my eyes because they are so dry, like right now – as I type. I’ve been staring at this computer screen nonstop. I fell asleep last night on ancestry.com’s app. Their app.

I have problems.

Maybe my great great great great great grandchild will come across this old blog.

Hey kid – your great great great great grandmother, Emma, was in the newspapers. Look her up. Do you know what a newspaper is? Or even paper?

3 thoughts on “A day on the computer.

  1. Love this Julie……One year for Christmas I searched for Melissa’s family (your’s) some and gave her a family tree book and a video with Grandma Ruth and Ruth’s Mother in it. I had so much fun doing it and would like to do more. So glad you are interested in this!


  2. I think someone needs to come up with Ancestry.com anonymous. I have the very same issue. I’ve only hit 9 greats, but I’m getting there. I quit a few months ago because it was sucking up all of my time. I have a full time job and a fiance that wants to see my face every once in a while.

    The addiction isn’t pretty, but it’s extremely fascinating!! I’m in the process of ordering a bunch of birth and death certificates for family members. I want to have at least three generations worth in my hot little hands.

    Maybe it’s time to go back, just for a month. I can do it, cross my heart…


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