Vash and Justin.

I met Justin in high school. He was (and is) well liked by everyone – meaning he had 1,345,373 friends. He was popular; nice-popular, not snobby-popular. He was what some would call a drama nerd. And I was, well … wallflower-y.

After high school, we both left for Manhattan:

Me – Manhattan, Kansas to attend K-State
Justin – Manhattan, NY to start his acting career

Thanks to Facebook, I have found that Justin is now friends with all of New York. Ok, I made that up but it’s something I would totally believe. I like hearing about all his way cool acting jobs (he is also a professional waiter). I’m waiting for him to go back and work for Disney Cruise Lines so I can give my kids a VIP backstage tour. Justin knows Mickey, kids!

I am a huge fan of Justin’s show he films with his friend, Vash. Vash and Justin “bicker … and talk about movies”. I rarely go to the movie theatre or rent movies but it really doesn’t matter. They are just plain funny. I started to watch their show to see Justin in his element in front of a camera. But now I watch because Vash cracks me up. I strangely tend to agree with Vash without even seeing the movie (sorry, Justin).

It’s the weekend. It’s a time most people go to the movies. Please, check out one of Justin and Vash’s movie reviews. If anything, check them out for the laughs.

Add them to your Twitter, if you are the tweeting kind:



And Justin – you owe me a Mickey meeting. šŸ™‚

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