Hello 1st grade! Hello fat season.

Today was an eventful day. Emma started 1st grade. This is the real deal. She’s not just 6, she’s school-age. We are a little bit further on the road to Manhattan, Kansas.

Today also kicks off my fat season. Also known as the Halloween candy is out.

This morning went as expected:

Around midnight or so, I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out where the freakin’ alarm is on my iPhone. I ended up telling Siri to wake me up. Which in turn, Scott called me the laziest person ever. Just in the mornings, Pook.

You would think I would get my body used to waking up early the week prior. Go to bed early with the kids, wake up early. Uh, yeah. No. That never happens.

So I woke up grunting. I went on a foggy morning rampage to Scott about complete nonsense: Why do schools make kids wake up so freakin’ early? There should be optional late starts. Will you please drop off Emma on your way to work? I still look tired with makeup on. Should I wear PJs or change into clothes? I should probably get dressed for first day, huh? After that I’ll break the ice with PJs. 

I walked Emma to school on time. I even had some spare time to take a few pictures to add to the Facebook feed of kiddies on their first day of school. Emma jumped right to her seat and waved goodbye to Kate and me. There are no tears on the road to Manhattan. Only smiles and waves … and rolling of eyes when I blew kisses at her.

Isn’t she a doll face?

While Emma was at school, Kate and I went grocery shopping. I turned down the final aisle. I stopped dead in my tracks:

I could hear angels singing. Or maybe they were demons.

Halloween candy!!

Shut. It. Up.

Well, that woke me up. High fives to our grocery store for having Halloween candy out in August! I resisted today. But I’m comforted to know it’s out and waiting for me to cave. I very well know September/October is my fat season due to my Halloween candy weakness. I know, I know – sugar is the devil. It’s unhealthy. I don’t know what to say. I’m just weak. I swear I’ll up my weights at the gym or something.

I like to stay up late, sleep in, bitch about mornings and eat candy. I’m a real winner on this post, huh.

I did end the day walking home a very excited little 1st grader. Who “can’t wait to wake up early tomorrow”…

Who’s rolling their eyes now, kid?


3 thoughts on “Hello 1st grade! Hello fat season.

  1. I *love* Kate’s face in the picture! Its like she’s found a mysterious secret stash! 🙂 ….and Yeah for Emma’s first day of FIRST grade!!


  2. I love Kate’s face in the picture! Adorable. Emma looks so cute in her picture too! I feel you on the getting up at the butt crack of dawn. My fiance is one of those nasty morning people, singing and all happy every morning. Makes me want to punch him in the nose. Me, not so much! Leave me alone until at least 10, and then I may grunt hi to you.


  3. To me honest i make the same face as Kate when i see reese´s candy =), Emma looks so grown up in the school chair, soon she will be in High School.


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