The dreaded day.

The day is rapidly approaching. My close friends and family warned me about this day. The day I would have to grow up.

It’s the day Emma starts 1st grade bright and early with a morning start.

I’m rolling my eyes at the cock-a-doodle-doos.

Last year, I squeaked by AM kindergarten and got her in PM kindergarten. I figured we just can’t function before 9 AM. Early mornings can wait.

There’s no getting out of AM starts in 1st grade. I will have to wake up with the rest of the world at some horrifying hour. It’s not just 1st grade; this is for the long haul. This will be every day until Emma can drive herself.

I remember thinking this day is years away. I couldn’t even imagine 2012 on the calendar. Emma talking and reading like a real kid? Ha! I would be 30! Gross! Not me!

I blinked. I’m opening my eyes to 7 AM’s ugly face next to me in bed. And a 31 year old husband.

This is not to say I’m completely lazy.

I am at my peak from about 8 PM until I go to bed. I get the house cleaned up. I blog. I read. I check facebook. I do bills. I watch DVRed shows. I sit and talk with Scott. I play with photoshop. I make movies from footage of the girls. I take a shower. I do laundry. It is completely normal for me to run to the grocery store for ice cream at 11:00 pm in my PJs. Or working out at the gym with my headphones watching Letterman.

I just don’t get morning people. How can they be so up and ready for the day? Is it the chirping birds? The smell outside in the morning? The feeling of the whole day ahead? Watching the gradual rise of the sun?

No, thank you. Give me a big comforter and I’ll go back to bed and sleep until noon. I don’t feel like I’m “wasting” a day at all. I would much rather get a pair of binoculars at midnight to watch shooting stars versus of a large cup of coffee at 6 AM watching the sun come up. Is that what time the sun comes up these days?

I will find out soon enough. Emma’s teacher and fellow parents will see me at my worst when I drop her off. Unbrushed hair, PJs, no makeup, dark circles under my eyes, grunting. I have no doubt on the cool mornings, I will walk to her school with me wrapped up in a comforter instead of jacket. The funny thing is, I won’t care who sees me. Oh, hey there Mr. Principal. Don’t mind my flowery comforter off my bed.

I have one last day to sleep in. Today, I’m trying not to blink.

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