Repost: My apologies

I am babysitting my niece, Gabby, this week while my sister is at work. I will have a 6 year old, 3 year old and a 3 month old on my hands. This will be a challenge for me – 3 kids! And to top it off, the baby is not liking the bottle. She’s following in her cousin Kate’s footsteps.

Gabby and Kate say farm fresh milk is where it’s at. Bottles … Ha!

I’m going to need some luck this week. Or working teets.

This is a repost from way back in the day when I was dealing with baby Kate:

I am apologizing to the friends that have repeatedly asked me to join them on a night out on the town. I apologize to my husband who has repeatedly asked me for a date night out to eat or the movies. I apologize to my parents and in-laws that have repeatedly asked if they can babysit Kate anytime soon. I apologize to the Chiefs and KSU tailgating Gods that I will not be in my normal tailgating state which includes bottles of beer and possibly shots of tequila.

I have a baby that will not take a bottle. She flat out refuses. I have tried everything I can think of. I have asked other mothers for advice. You name it, I have tried it.
I have tried the bottle when she’s happy and hungry. When she’s happy and not hungry. When she’s crying and starving. Sleepy and hungry. No, no, no and no. Kate likes farm fresh milk.
The second she bites or sucks on the nipple and something comes out, she makes this incredibly pissed off face. She crosses her eyebrows at me and does a gagging act that should get an academy award. She gags, coughs and spits out whatever is in her mouth then acts like she can’t breathe. It’s all an act.
I am officially done trying to get her to take a bottle. I’m giving up and letting her have her way. So for that, I am apologizing to all that have wanted any time alone with me, just me.
I am sorry.
On the other hand, I am happy that Kate will be a 100% breastfed child. It is the best for her now.
Vodka, Whiskey, and Tequila…I’ll see ya in the spring.

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