Coffee cake, anyone?

You’re not going to like this post but I found a new dessert to obsess about:

My Grandma’s of New England coffee cake


I was shopping at the grocery store a couple months ago. A lady had a sampler booth set up. I walked by her and she asked if I’d like a sample of coffee cake. I told her no, thank you. She replied with “oh, but it’s really good. I promise. You need to try at least one bite”

What? What sampler booth person responds back to you if you decline their offer? And why was I turning down dessert?

Ok, what kind of coffee cake you got?

Well, many kinds but here, try this one.

She hands me a cinnamon coffee cake sample. It melted in my mouth. Like literally melted into buttery sweet cinnamon goodness.

Oh my gosh! Where are these at? Can I have another sample?

They’re right here. It’s another companies product, it’s not our bakery here. So cost wise, they’re a little bit more. But they freeze well. And they’re on sale today.


I got home and put the groceries away. I got excited for my after dinner treat. I went ahead and opened the coffee cake box, you know, just to see what it looked like in the package. Scott walked in, asked what I got and pulled the box away from my clutched grip.


I swear, it’s worth it. Hold on.

I cut him a bite.

Mmmmm. What is this? This is delicious! This is the most amazing cake I have ever tasted.

It’s cinnamon coffee cake. Isn’t it so good?

Not fifteen-dollars-good.

Fine don’t eat it. But I already bought it and can’t return it because you think it’s too expensive.

I caught him eating it nightly. Emma and Kate would request it at every meal. I had to hide it because having it in the open was just too tempting for every one. The girls were doing acrobats on the counter tops to get to the coffee cake. The coffee cake is so moist, you really can’t leave a crumb behind. Leaving a crumb suggests it’s dry; it is not dry. It’s amazing. Hands down. Best coffee cake ever. I don’t know what they put in it…something about the most expensive vanilla in the world and only the highest quality ingrediants. I don’t really know. I can’t even read the ingredient insert without getting distracted and forcing more coffee cake in my mouth. I just want my face to fall flat into it. Freeze well – Ha! Who would freeze this and torture your taste buds knowing you will need to de-thaw before you eat it. I’d probably take a chisel to it.

If I were to God-forbid drop the coffee cake, I would definitely pull a Rachel and Chandler (from Friends) stunt. You know the scene where Rachel and Chandler are eating the cheesecake off the ground? This coffee cake is totally eat-off-the-ground worthy. I never thought something would be worth eating off the ground. Oh, this is.

Why do I get myself in these predicaments. It’s always the desserts and sweet food I rave about. I need to knock it off. I swear, I’ll start eating healthy – after this box I just bought, of course.

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