Grocery stores: my biggest parenting test.

The grocery store is a tough store to navigate – not necessarily the layout of the store itself but navigating the shelves of nutrition labels.

I try to buy the best things for my family. I find out what the new “good” is through the crazy blogging world, social network sites or word of mouth.

It seems organic is where it’s at. Pesticide and hormone/antibiotic free have replaced fat and sugar free. High fructose corn syrup is the devil. Processed, boxed foods carries the stigma of downright harming your kids. The fewer ingredients a product has, the better. A current trend is buying dye-free foods. Even bleached white all-purpose flour has caused some to turn their nose up at.

Ok. Got it. We should all try whenever possible to shop in the organic section. Shop at farmer’s markets. Always opt for wheat instead of white. And check to make sure it’s wheat on the nutrition label not just the cover of the package. That goes for everything – check the ingredients rather than the cover. You will be tested and tricked by marketing if you don’t.

I’m an educated person. I can read and understand a nutrition label. I have no problem opting for organic, growing my own veggies or shopping at a farmer’s market.

Oh, until I take Scott with me to the grocery store. Then it’s all over.

What is this crap? Organic?! How much does this cost?

I don’t know. It’s like the thing to buy.

It’s a marketing ploy to get you to buy expensive stuff.

Tell that to the blogging world. And some of my mom friends.

Those two little dink chicken breasts are $10!

But it’s antibiotic free and farm raised chicken! Why do you think girls are getting their periods early now? The hormones and antibiotics given to chickens to fatten them up make girls’ periods start early!

What the….huh?

It also causes cancer…or something. In lab rats.

Fine, get your expensive ass chicken. But guess what? Every one is eventually going to die. And girls get their periods. This is the last time you are buying that crap. Believe me, no company is trying to kill you.

Grocery shopping with your husband is like picking out your newborn baby’s name. You’re all prepared with your list of groceries (or names) then come to find out, your other half shoots it all down.

I try. I still try to shop organic when Scott isn’t with me. I use coupons on other items. I look for sales before I buy. We grow our own strawberries, blueberries, green pepper, green onion, basil and jalapenos. Since college (and the freshman 15 paranoia), I have always bought wheat breads and pasta instead of white. My kids are big milk drinkers. I have to buy at least 3 gallons a week. So I usually go with whatever is cheapest, hormone-free or not. I very seldom buy soft drinks. I still buy macaroni and cheese from the box. The Cosmic Brownies still pull me in like a magnet. I cook more from scratch but that is only because of Pinterest, not because I’m trying to completely avoid processed foods. I put food dye in my Christmas sugar cookies. The amount of dye I drop in frosting is tiny. Whatever poison is in dye must be miniscule. I think some things I read may be exaggerated. By the way, have you looked at how many dyes are in foods? It’s impossible to avoid completely. I keep sweets in moderation even if moderation means hiding candy from my family only for me to gorge myself after a glass of wine. Guess I’ll take one for the team? Emma and Kate both love fruit. At times, they can be picky and will have spells of macaroni-only for dinner. Kate is especially a strange one. Her favorite snack is black beans or broccoli. I give Scott lectures when he comes home from the grocery store with Hi-C drinks and Sunny D. Come on, dude. Sunny D? It’s like thick orange syrup. It’s not even orange juice.

I’m not a doctor or an expert in anything food related. I’m not an expert in anything, actually. I’m just a mom. I don’t spend hours doing food research on google. I just like to see what other moms are doing, mostly. I could never be the totally organic mom. But I’m also not the Sunny D, “whatever’s cheapest” type of parent either. You should hear my head as I shop. It’s constantly trying to think “healthy” under pressure. Pressure from the two bickering, ticking time-bombs in the cart and pressure from using good debate skills against Mr. Sunny D himself.

We’re an active family outdoors and at the gym. We get an A+ in physical education. But grocery stores. Ugh. Can’t someone just shop and make my meals for me?

2 thoughts on “Grocery stores: my biggest parenting test.

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