Hanging up our bikinis for the stage.

So long trips to the pool – it’s been real. Hello, Idina Menzel on youtube.

Bromine, chlorine, and all you other -ines. I hate you. You are good at keeping pools clean but you are seriously screwing with my kid’s skin.

After weeks of calls to the doctor’s office and using the process of elimination, we have learned that Kate is allergic/sensitive to pool chemicals. Pool chemicals! Can you believe it? Is there a worse summer fate? Her fair, white skin *cough*daddy’s skin* is covered in raised welts right now. I just caught her pouring her sonic happy hour cup of ice down the vent. It’s going to be a long rest-of-summer. We haven’t even got to 4th of July!


I have a million questions. I mostly wonder if this will be permanent. All we can do for now is give her a good break from pool chemicals and keep an eye on her skin. All swimming with Kate is stopped indefinitely. Well, unless anyone has a salt water pool we can use? Or a vacation home near the ocean, perhaps?

A loss of a pastime is replaced by another: watching broadway shows on youtube.

Emma is in camp this week. Musical theatre camp. She asked me last year if she could learn how to act and sing like the show Glee. I found musical theatre classes for kids her age put on by a theatre company in a nearby church. She has been in them for almost a year now.

I signed her up for the week long “Glee” camp with the same company. I was nervous about her being there all day for a week. She’s one of the youngest ones. My worries were gone after the first day. The only thing she complained about was the one-time parent meeting (too boring). She has spent this week singing and dancing to a Glee script complete with 5 songs from various musicals. She will have a show Friday evening on stage for family to watch. I’m way excited to watch her.

When she’s at home at night, I have been showing her broadway shows on youtube. She wants to know about each song she sings: what musical is it from, what does the song mean, who sings it, what is the musical about, can she watch the musical, why are some musicals made into movies and others not? She has no idea who Justin Bieber is but she will call Idina Menzel by her first name.ย She definitely has her daddy’s intense obsession once she finds an interest.

Kate is starting to go around the house belting out one note or a series of scales Emma taught her. They are both quiet and good in front of my computer with a Youtube search set on “Wicked” or “Les Miserables”. I’ve never seen these musicals either so I am learning and just as fascinated as they are. And I still don’t know how in the world to pronounce that Lay-Miserable one. And between you and me – I’ve never seen Grease. Who knew John Travolta has an insanely high voice?

Last night, Emma sings from her room, “Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you.”

Kate: No, you can’t!

Emma: Yes, I can!

Kate: No, you can’t!

Emma: Yes, I can! Yes, I can! Yes, I caaannnn!

They argue from a musical theatre script.ย Are you kidding me.

So there will be no more summer nights swimming. Now it’s waiting for the sun to set so the living room can be completely dark. Emma will then set the one spotlight in front of the fireplace on her for our nightly “I Dreamed a Dream” show.

8 thoughts on “Hanging up our bikinis for the stage.

  1. try a lake, or a creek\stream… I grew up near 3 creeks and a lake, didn’t even see a pool until I was 12… hope you find a way to deal with the chemical problems… and it is ‘La misser aab.. best that i can write pronounciation..lol


    1. That’s a good idea. The girls would love swimming in a lake! And thanks for the pronunciation. Haha I googled it and it brought me to these French sites…


  2. Love this! I’m so glad your girls are into broadway shows. I’ve seen many, and Les Miserables is my very favorite! My parents took me to see Les Mis when I was 13, and I cried through the whole thing. You pronounce it like this: lay-mee-zay-rahbl. It’s fun to say once you learn. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Thank you! Emma figured out on her own that “I Dreamed a Dream” is a really sad song. I can’t wait to take her to some musicals ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. The song is from Annie Get Your Gun, based on Annie Oakley. You should take the girls to Shawnee Mission Theater in the Park. Next weekend they’re doing a double musical feature of The Jungle Book and Sleeping Beauty. Also, look up Musical Theater for Young People or Christian Youth Theater (CYT) . Great opportunities. For kiddos to do theater !


  5. Oh my gosh, aside from being completely in love with this entire blog (you’re hysterical!), this post is adorable. I’m a grad student in voice performance at MSU and I was just like these two, maybe a little older when I found most of these musicals, but still. I love that they’re interested in musical theatre! I directed a production of Annie two summers ago and Emma and Kate sound just like the little girls who were in that show. Keep them with it if you can, theatre is an amazing outlet for their confidence, self esteem, and their communication skills. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Aw! Thank you! Yes, Kate is following her sister and belting out broadway tunes at 3 years old. Haha. They are going to be Elphaba and Glinda from Wicked for Halloween. ๐Ÿ™‚


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