Country music.

Well crap. I’ve been caught.

I’ve tried to keep it a secret from Scott but I’m running out of excuses. He just walked in to me at home by myself – blaring the country music station on the tv.

What is THIS you’re listening to?!

Uh…um…well…I just turned it on. It was on country then I got distracted and forgot to change it…

I can’t admit I like country music to Scott.

My dad raised my siblings and I on classic rock. I remember him telling my sister and me that the Rolling Stones will still be putting on concerts way after New Kids on the Block will break up. He was right. I will always choose Rolling Stones over New Kids on the Block. In fact, one of my favorite radio stations is the classic rock station.

I followed the tastes of what my friends listened to in school as well. I went through a grunge stage in the early 90s. I went through a pop stage in the late 90s. I remember dancing to pop and hip hop at the bars in college. I went through a Dave Matthews Band stage. I had a few years totally submerging myself in classical music after Emma was born. It seemed to calm baby Emma. My radio station choice would forever be determined by my children after that.

My kids are growing up. Emma is exposed to music everywhere. She will sing lyrics like “I’m sexy and I know it…” or “when they go hardcore and there’s glitter on the floor…” She doesn’t know the meaning of what she’s saying but OhmyGod AH! Surely, there is something better a little girl can sing to. Hello country music.

My go-to music choice in the car with the girls is country music. I will occasionally put on some pop or hip hop. Come on, they need some rhythm. It’s usually country. I told Scott it has better lyrics for kids. I never told him that I kind of liked the country music too.

He found this out in the car this weekend. I hooked up my iPhone and started scrolling through the music I downloaded. It was at least 75% country. Scott called me out.

You like country music!

No, I don’t. The kids like it.

That is bullshit. Just tell me you like it.

It’s ok. I like the sweet stuff.

You liked Pat Green and Tyler Farr concert! Tell me you didn’t like them.

I do like them. But Pat Green is more like rock hyphen country. And yeah, Tyler Farr’s songs are catchy.


It’s not my first choice. (I scroll to The Eagles on my iPhone)

Fine, Scott. I like country music. Sorta.

4 thoughts on “Country music.

  1. You are seriously crazy my friend. I have always loved country country music and I have NEVER taken a dump in the woods. LMAO


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