I was born in the wrong era.

Ladies – forget 50 Shades of Grey. Honestly, I cant read past page 5. Don Draper is where it’s at. I’m obsessed with the show Mad Men. And I do mean obsessed. I listen to 60s music on my Pandora sprinkled in with some classic rock while at the pool. I’ve been reaching for my red lipstick and red nail polish more often. I’ve all but started up cigarettes.

Call me nerdy like my husband does. I don’t care. I’ve spent the majority of this summer’s free time watching some Don Draper action.

I’m on a little 60s kick right now. I just can’t stop. It all started when I read the book, November 22, 1963: A Novel by Stephen King. I was hesitant to read a book by Stephen King because I do not like scary books. But I’ve also had a fascination with JFK’s death since taking a JFK conspiracy class in high school. Ooooo baby, it was GOOD. It’s about a teacher that is able to travel back in time. He tries to save President Kennedy before he gets shot. All I can say is can I travel back to the 60s too? I was left mad that it is fiction. I want to taste the food, wear the clothes, talk the talk of the early 60s. Naturally, I started ordering JFK conspiracy books after that.

Then I come across Once Upon A Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath by Mimi Alford. Sure, why not? Whoa! Hello Mr. President! I knew that President Kennedy had affairs or whatever but I never thought of the details. That man was dirty. Was he really our President? I can’t even look at a picture of him without thinking of what he did in the White House pool. Geez, I had no idea.

So moving on…My brother-in-law, Scott, (yes, my sister and I both married a Scott) told me he started watching Mad Men on Netflix. It’s about the men who used to work in advertising on Madison Avenue during the 60s. Well, that’s all you had to tell me. Sold! I just started season 3. Yeah, so the men are sexist – so sexist, it’s painful to watch at times. I scream in my head at the women to speak up. Everyone smokes, even the pregnant women. Everyone drinks daily. They drink at work, they drink before dinner, they drink after dinner. How are they not constantly drunk? I’m not talking about beer or wine either. I mean the hard stuff – like whiskey and some ice cubes. My dad, a child of the 60s, says this was true with his parents too. My grandma will still have a cocktail on occasion. Which brings me to my next fascination: all these people that are my current age (30) in the 60s are great grandparents now. I know it’s simple math but man, that’s a long ass time. Everything seems so simple and laid back then. Let’s not forget heart clogging.

50 Shades of Grey will have to wait. I’m five years behind in discovering this little show. Don Draper is way hot…and sexist…and he cheats on his wife all the time. But I freaking love it. Don’t get any ideas, Scott. That stuff just wont fly in 2012. Why didn’t anyone tell me? I’m trying to convince Scott to wear a fedora, like, all the time. Let’s bring back the days when men wore hats. I cannot sleep unless I get an episode of Mad Men in. It’s way sexier than any “mommy porn” book. Then again I’ve only read to page 5.

3 thoughts on “I was born in the wrong era.

  1. I’ve read all 3 of the “50” books, and I wasn’t that impressed. Yea sure they’re scandalous, but the author is not that great of a writer and it really bothered me the whole book. Minus the scandalous action, there’s not much to it. I’m all for sticking with Mad Men!!!


  2. Julie don’t knock it til you’ve read it. You know that!! But I havent seen mad men, hmm maybe that’ll be my summer project. Also can I borrow king’s JFK book???


    1. I’m not knocking it. Just can’t seem to start it yet. My free time belongs to Mad Men. The 1963 book is on my kindle. You can borrow my kindle.


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