Happy Birthday, Emma!

A fun way to countdown Emma’s birthday: send a friendly picture text reminder to her Uncle Mark and Aunt Ashley!

Emma is the queen of funny faces. We had a lot of photos to pick from on my phone. Emma also helped me write the caption each day.

10 days.
9 days. Oh gosh, oh gosh, I hope they don’t forgettttttt.
Do you know how many fingers I’m holding up? 8! Do you know how many days until my birthday? 8!
Smile! One week until my birthday!
I’m going to be 6! In 6 days! It’s not hard to remember! Easy as pie!
Hey look! I’m like Jayme, your clownfish! Did that get your attention? 5 days.
4 days.
Psst. Hey you. Down south. 3 days. Get your dialing fingers ready!
2 days! Last day of school! Cannot. Contain. My. Excitement!!!
Holy Moly! My birthday is tomorrow!

And then they called. The morning of her birthday, I ran the phone to Emma and told her guess who’s on the phone.

Emma: MARRRRKKKKKKKK!!!!! You didn’t need to send me a present too! I told you just a phone call.

They can never win.

We took her to Worlds of Fun to celebrate the 6 candles on her cake. Emma enjoyed the numerous phone calls throughout the day from grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and even a couple squeaks from her newest little cousin, Gabby. I read all the facebook and twitter shout outs to her. She didn’t care if she didn’t know who said Happy Birthday, she smiled at each one. She felt very loved. Thanks, everyone!

The day did not end without drama. She fell off a chair around 9 pm and landed on her nose. I did not see it so I can’t describe what happened. It was swollen, crooked and bled hard for about 15 minutes. I’m glad I was taking a shower at the time because I would have fainted at the amount of blood Scott described. She cried for about an hour – first screaming she wanted a doctor then screaming she did not want a doctor. We had to call Children’s Mercy because we did not know what to do. After seeing her doctor today, it was determined it is not broke. But still a little swollen. She remembers her 6th birthday as the “birthday when my nose felt like it fell off.”

She’s back to her normal self today. 364 days, Uncle Mark.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Emma!

  1. Happy b-day Emma, great pictures, hurting your nose is not fun. I have two bumps on my head, the effect of hitting my head to many times, but i call them my devil horns, there still there from my childhood =p.


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