Repost: Our dirty little secret.

I took the girls garage sale shopping around our neighborhood last Saturday. I honestly spent more time admiring the cleanliness of all my neighbor’s garages than looking at what they had for sale. To me, the men in this neighborhood are rockstars.

I cannot have a garage sale because I’m completely embarrassed by our garage. Scott does not know how to organize. He gets mad if I try to organize for him. He just knows where things are by throwing them up in the air and letting them fall to their resting place. I am guaranteed to find something to gag over when I go into the scariest section of our house….

Sawed off turkey feet! I’d imagine they’ve been sitting there for at least a month.

Or when I walk outside to our backyard….

“Bug, I’m going to bury them and let the beetles clean the meat off.” He said this last fall. I took this picture today. And yes, they smell.

I wrote this post a few years ago. It is about the garage in our old house:

Here it is.  Our garage.  Or I should say, Scott’s garage that my car happens to sit in.  Here is his hobby and number one obsession on display every time I open the garage door.  Hunting.  Even worse, Scott’s style of organizing–he doesn’t.

If I could find one thing that I could get rid of from Scott’s life, it would be hunting.  He grew up in South Florida, yet he is the biggest hillbilly I know.

I could sit here and list all the reasons why I loathe hunting.  But I won’t bore you with my views.
Instead, I am showing you the most embarrassing part of our house.

I envy just about every married woman out there.  There is only one friend that I can think of that has my problem (she happens to be married to Scott’s best friend).

As for everyone else, just know that if I’ve seen your garage, I’ve thought to myself “she is the luckiest woman alive and she doesn’t even know it.”  I drool over your husbands.  I worship the ground your husbands walk on.  I go home and tell Scott how cool your husbands are.

Oh Scottie…You’re lucky the rest of you makes up for it.  I married you for a thousand reasons but THIS is NOT one of them.

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