I swear this only happens to me.

And I thought yesterday’s blog post was embarrassing.

Last night, I took Kate to the grocery store. Scott took Emma to Home Depot. I definitely got the worse end of the deal.

Before I left with Kate, I chugged a large protein shake. I was extremely thirsty after working out and just wanted to finish it so I could get out of the door.

I arrive at the grocery store and get Kate out of the car. I notice she doesn’t have shoes on. Whoops. I told her I would just carry her in then put her in the “car” part of the kid carts. I put her in the car and start shopping.

About half way through our shopping trip, Kate wanted out of the car. I told her since she didn’t have shoes, she would have to sit in the front carrier part of the cart. She was ok with that. I popped her in and continued shopping.

Then all of the sudden, I get hit by the protein shake. I drank it too fast. Painful gas bubbles start forming in my stomach. My stomach got hard and started to pouch out. Ugh.


What’s wrong, mommy?

Oh, my tummy is hurting really bad. Uh Oh! Shit. Why did I tell her that???!?


No. I don’t have to poop. It’s ok. I just drank my shake too fast. I have to fart!


Kate made a point to tell every single person we passed in the aisles that I had to poop. I rolled my eyes and laughed to everyone that paid attention to her.

I threw her favorite yogurt in her lap and told her to hold it for me. She was quiet.

By the time I get all my groceries, my stomach was KILLING ME. Butt clenching and tip toe walking, I start to frantically look down each aisle, hoping for an empty aisle to fart in. No luck. Mondays at dinner time is a popular time to grocery shop, apparently. I tip toe to a line. There were two people in front of me. Finally, the woman in front of me was paying. The cashier looks our direction.

Oh, what a pretty dress she has on!

Thank you.

Oh, it’s just darling! Especially the back! The back of the dress! (She points)

Taking the hint, I look at the back of Kate.

SHE IS MOONING EVERYONE FROM HER SEAT. The child didn’t have underwear on!! When I put her in the carrier part of the cart, her dress flipped completely up the back. She mooned every single person that walked by us. Not only was she sitting bare cheeked for everyone to see, she also got the attention of everyone by telling them I had to poop. Not to mention, I was butt-clench walking.

I pull Kate’s dress down from the back. Kate yells at me to leave her dress alone. I firmly tell her no and continue to force the dress down, covering her. The cashier took cue and distracted Kate by asking her questions. That worked. I was rung up and I paid. Another employee brought up a new cart because they don’t like those “car” carts outside. The cashier asked if I needed help out. Desperately needing to fart, I told her I could carry Kate and push the cart fine. Just get me outside. She insisted one of the bagger boys help me. She called one over. Damnit. The young man took my cart while I carried Kate, tucking her dress over her butt.

The young man was chatting about how nice the weather was and how he was graduating soon. I was in no mood to chit-chat. I “uh huh’ed” the whole way to my car. I honestly thought I was going to die from the internal pressure trying to force its way out.

We finally get to my car. He starts loading the groceries for me. I buckle Kate in her car seat. I couldn’t take all the movement. I squeaked one out. I was hoping the wind would cover the sound. But uh, no, it didn’t. The young man stops talking mid-sentence. I freeze next to the trunk of my car. I shut my eyes and start to shake from trying to hold a laugh. I couldn’t take it. The kid was silent, just loading the bags in one by one. I started laughing and farting at the same time. Oh my gosh! I have never been so embarrassed and humored at the same time. I got ahold of myself and told the kid thank you. He runs away. I get in the car and really start deflating. I spent a good 2 minutes bombing the inside of my car up. Kate asked me to start the car and go home. She had to pee.


I rush home, encouraging her to hold it for me.

She ended up peeing all over her car seat.

And I am still farting as I type.

19 thoughts on “I swear this only happens to me.

  1. LOL!! You are so funny!! I love reading all about the humorous things that happen… it happens to all of us moms (maybe not JUST like that — but in some form! 🙂 )


  2. Julie, This is so funny, I laughed out loud. It reminded me if one day about 41 years ago, I had John in the seat in the cart ( we didn’t have cars then). I had to poop so bad. I ran through the store as fast as I could and got only necessary things, Paid, went out to my car and turned it on. Then I remembered I left John somewhere. Frantic I ran in to find him and he was sitting just where I had left him. The Cashiers loved it and Laughed their a..es off. Thank God they had my check and could call me or bring him home.


  3. LOL! I’m crying over here I’m laughing so hard. I’m pregnant with my first child, so I’m sure soon enough I’ll find myself in a similar situation. 🙂


  4. Oh my God! I have tears rooling down my face from reading this!!! I thought things like this only happen to me. Sounds like you are definately all Crowder 🙂


  5. First, I’m not sure how on earth you could hold that in through many aisles, the cash regsiter and walking out to the car. Second, I am sure tht kid is still speechless. And third, her being barefoot, telling everyone you have to poop AND that she was bared assed. Well, that just made my night. Found you at finding the funny.


  6. I’m laughing so hard, I’m crying!!!!!!! Totally sharing this on my blog’s Facebook page. HA!

    (Thanks for linking this up with us over at #findingthefunny a couple of weeks ago! Sorry I am such a loser and just now stopping by to read it!)


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