Don’t forget my kid’s birthday.

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law had an “oops” moment. They forgot to call Kate on her birthday.

Feeling bad, they called last night. I ran the phone down to Kate and told the girls “Uncle Mark and Aunt Ashley are on the phone to say happy birthday to Kate.” Emma knew immediately that they didn’t call on her real birthday. We jokingly gave them a hard time, said goodbye then ran upstairs for a snack.

Emma said “let’s make a video for Uncle Mark”. This is not out of the ordinary for Emma to say. We like to make movies for the family to watch.

This email was sent last night. Mark later said he couldn’t stop laughing (at the video) despite becoming more and more angry at himself for not calling until yesterday. Mark and Ashley, you are forgiven in this house. It happens. Kate doesn’t really understand and Emma gave us a good laugh.

To: Mark, Ashley

CC: Family

From: Julie

I know we can’t all be like the (pronounced thee) Aunt Jules but birthday phone calls should be standard protocol for all aunts and uncles. I hope this is a lesson learned. This video was Emma’s idea. I told her to say some things but some she said on her own.

MAY 7th and MAY 24th. You can go ahead and mark your calender for next year. 
I hope you don’t forget Emma’s birthday or there will be H-E-L-L to pay.

3 thoughts on “Don’t forget my kid’s birthday.

  1. I can relate, i cant remember for the life of me when my sister or brothers b-day are, or my sisters kids, or her boyfriend. the only one i remember, is my fathers, mostly becuase its on september 11 and we never celebrate it for obvious reasons. I think this is becuase i dont celebrate my own birthday, so instead of ignoring just my own birthday, it made a full b-day memory wipe. I am kind of chocked that Ashley forgot Kate’s b-day, i thought women never forget anything =P.


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