Happy Birthday, Kate!

So long terrible twos….
Hello sassy threes…

She’s really kicking off the day with a bang.

She asked for black beans for lunch today. I told her we could “eat in” Taco Bueno for a birthday lunch as a treat. Just me and her.

We sit down and start eating. The restaurant is basically half full of people, being it was lunch hour. Kate stops eating her beans and yells, “Mommy! You tooted!  You tooted, Mommy!” (lies) I “shhhh” her. She laughs and yells again, “Stop tooting, mommy!” AH! (lies)

I hurry her up and we leave. I take her to Hy-Vee to pick out one of those already-made cakes. She picks out a small yellow cake, just her size. I hand it to the baker and ask if they can write “Kate” on it. The baker asks us if today is Kate’s birthday.

Me: Yes, it is! She’s three today!

Kate: Mommy tooted. (lies)

We both ignore Kate’s comment. I knew better than to ‘shhh’ her. The baker hands me back her cake.


I give her ‘the look’. She laughs.

This is going to be a long year.

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