The grotto.


Kids! Playdate at our house!

Our basement is being finished for Scott’s “Man Cave”. I begged Scott to finish off underneath the stairs for the girls to have a play area to themselves. I mean, if we didn’t give them a play area, his “man cave” would quickly be filled with toys anyway. What kid wouldn’t LOVE a little nook like this? Fine, so would teenagers but let’s not go there yet.

He finally agreed.

I tossed around theme ideas with Emma. I suggested a castle because I knew Scott would be putting stone on the front. Emma came back with Ariel’s grotto. The child is an artistic genius. Of course a grotto! Ariel’s grotto is behind a large rock. Perfect. An ocean should be easy enough to paint.

I started to dream big. An ocean noise maker. An LED lazer light flashed on the ceiling to look like you’re underwater. Can we hook up a fan with mist?

Those ideas got shattered but the final result is a “man’s cave” dream.

The making of “The Grotto”:

The stone was put on to blend in with the bar in the Man Cave. 


Mudding and taping… the worst part. I’m sweating just thinking about sanding.


Carpet in!


My own “under the sea” mural. Thanks, youtube.


Background paint done. Oh, hi Kate.


Part of that….WOOOORRRRLLLD!!!! Sing it, Emma.


Decorations! Made the drapes myself. No-sew glue is my best friend. Also have a sconce, kinda hard to see…way cute.


40% off decorations at Hobby Lobby. When isn’t something 40% off there? Oh, and stenciled in seaweed. Do you see the dinglehopper?


Another view.


Another view.


I just want to put my seashells on and hop in!

You can pin this on pinterest now. I would totally pin this.


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