The Evil Monkey.

I’ll occasionally open up “Photobooth” on my computer to see who has been on my computer when I’m not around and what little jewels they left me to laugh at. There is rarely a normal picture.

I have learned that Kate has figured out how to open up Photobooth and take pictures of herself without assistance.

Even I’ll get in on the funny face fun. It’s highly entertaining.

But then a few weeks ago, Emma pulls this face at the camera:

Where have I seen this face? She kept doing it. She did it at me before she went to bed. I told her to make the face to Scott. Scott laughed and said he knew where he’s seen the face before.

The evil monkey from Family Guy.

Busted! No more late night “cartoon” watching with daddy.

2 thoughts on “The Evil Monkey.

  1. such a beautiful family, keep an eye on kate, soon she will figure out how to drive the car, such a smart girl. Love all your posts.


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