A Boo Bah is born.

Gabriella Reese

Born April 20, 2012

I’m officially an AUNT! Gabriella came busting into the world on a Friday, just like her Aunt Jules! Her cry sounds like a baby sheep and – no lie – her wail sounds like “boo baaaaahhhh”. She must have listened to my blog post! Although, the child didn’t listen to me about avoiding April 20th as a birthday. She’ll be a feisty one!

>> As a side note, I have come to learn the generations before me do not know what 4/20 means. It’s national weed day, people! AKA- marijuana, mary jane, pot, a “j”, grass and whatever other names kids these days have come up with. I have no idea who decided 4/20 or why 4/20 was picked. It is just known. And dad – just because someone knows what 4/20 is does not make us “all a bunch of damn potheads”.


For those of you that don’t follow me on twitter, I put on quite a twitter show for my followers on April 20th. I tried to keep it as non-gross as possible. After all, this will be scrapbooked for Gabriella to read later.

I’m going to be an AUNT!! My sis is being induced tonight!! I will be live tweeting the birth. You’re in for a ride!

Momma is checked in. And I’m on the road to aunthood. #auntjulie

Pit stop in Wichita now Oooooklahoma…where aunt Jules comes sweeping down the plains…. #auntjulie

Dr. broke momma’s water. Baby girl, sorry your bubble got popped but it’s time to meet Aunt Jules! #auntjulie

Momma having strong contractions. Relying on daddy’s texts to keep me updated. Don’t let me down! #multitasking #auntjulie

Now I’m having strong contractions after this hot cup of coffee. I feel your pain, momma. #auntjulie

Well, I know one thing. Baby girl’s name won’t be Mary Jane with a 4/20 birthday. #auntjulie

Epidural is on its way. Baby girl, looks like you’ll be getting drugs today! Obviously, my little Mary Jane. #auntjulie

Momma is at a 10! Push!! Push that baby girl to meeeee!!! #auntjulie

Ugh! Come on! Just a slide away from being an aunt! Slide out, baby! It’s fun! Weeeee! #auntjulie

Very impressed with my bro-in-law texting me with one hand and holding momma’s leg up with the other. #auntjulie

They see the head. Brown hair, not black. Mexican gene didn’t pull thru with this one. #auntjulie

Yes! I’m in delivery room. Aunt Jules got VIP! Still pushing. I’m here, baby!! Let’s hear those lungs cry! #auntjulie

Gabriella Reese is here!! 6 lbs 4 oz!!! I love her. #auntjulie


Well, no one told me how much living far away from your nieces/nephews SUCKS. How do you aunts and uncles do it?! I feel like my 3rd kid is living in Oklahoma. Oh, my heart! I should have set up a camera in every room of the house while my sister was in the hospital. Direct feed to Aunt Jules! I’m everywhere, baby Gabs! I have been away for 2 days and I can’t stop looking at my phone for a possible picture from my sister.

I love aunthood almost as much as mommyhood. It’s like having your own kid – minus the 9 months of sobriety, the weight checks, blown up boobs, and labor!

You men have it so easy.

To be continued… the adventures of Aunt Jules and Gabby! It would not surprise me one bit if Gabriella told her teacher she won’t color a Sooner for Oklahoma Day. She already wears KSU purple so well.


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