Oh Emma, Oh Kate.

I was at Taco Bell ordering lunch for Kate and me. Kate rolls down her window and shouts my order after me. It was like an echo. Then I get up to the window to pay.

Employee: That’ll be $6.45

Kate: What’s his name?

Me: I dunno…

Employee: Here’s your card.

(I thank him and start to slowly pull forward to the next window. As I am pulling forward, Kate’s window passes his open window. She has her arms hanging out the side of the car, straining her head out as far as it will go.)


(I keep driving forward so the employee didn’t get a chance to answer her. She just keeps rolling by.)


Emma: Guess what, Kate? My birthday is in 40 days!

Kate: Yay, Emma! Gimme hug.


We were eating lunch at a restaurant with Nana. The waitress brings our drinks.

Waitress: Here you go (sets drink in front of Kate)

Kate: Good job!


When Nana came in town, we were talking about what to do for the day. I suggested the new aquarium at Crown Center but I wondered about the weather so we were online checking tornado watches.

Emma: I want to go to the aquarium!

Nana: Well, we might have to wait until tomorrow. We don’t want to go and be stuck there if tornados are coming. Tomorrow might be better.

Emma: No!!…But…but tomorrow never comes!

Nana: (laughing) Where did you hear that?

Emma: When I don’t want to wear an outfit to school, I tell mommy I’ll wear it tomorrow and mommy says tomorrow never comes.


Easter morning. Emma comes running in our room, waking us up.



In the car, girls talking to each other:

Kate: You tooted?

Emma: No.

Kate: Why not?

Emma: I dunno.


Kate came up to me showing me her drawing.

Me: Yeah, Kate! You’re such a good artist! High five!

(gives me a high five)

Me: Another high five!

Kate: You can put your hand down now. (runs off)


Kate was watching a video on the iPad in the car. The movie was over and I could hear the “credits” song at the end.

Kate: Ugh! Mom! You made me die!

Me: You’re watching a video. It’s not a game. It’s just over.

Kate: You made me die.


Me: Kate, what do you want for lunch?

Kate: Black beans.

Me: You had that yesterday for lunch! What about barbeque?

Kate: No. Black beans.

Me: What about barbeque beans?

Kate: Black. Beans. Hold on a second, mommy. (She picks up her play phone) Hello, Nana. Can I have black beans? Ok bye. Mommy! Nana said I could have black beans!

Me: I think she said barbeque.

Kate: Hold on. (picks up phone again) Hello, Papa. Will you bring me some black beans? Ok. Dank you. Mommy! Papa is bringing me black beans.

Me: Does Papa know how to say no to anything?

Kate: No. Papa said in ten minutes.


I took the girls to Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead on a playdate with friends. We saw a show about bunnies. Then the kids got to pet the bunny afterwards.

In car, going home.

Me: Emma, do you remember what a baby boy bunny is called?

Emma: A buck!

Me: Good! And what’s a baby girl bunny called?

Emma: A doe!

Me: Good job, Em! Good memory!



Emma: Mom. Do you know what the lightest color in the world is?

Me: Tell me.

Emma: White. And the sun.


Emma playing a game on the iPad.

Emma: Hey mom! I got 5 million, 3 thousand and 1 million as a high score. You think Uncle Mark got that high?


One morning. I could feel someone pulling open my eyelid. I squint and see Kate’s face in my face.

Kate: I want chocolate milk.

Me: Ugh…hold on.

Kate: (pulls my eyelid open again) No.

Later, in kitchen.

Me: Kate did you pull open my eye this morning?

Kate: Yeah! I couldn’t reach that eye, it was on pillow.


Kate: Is (uncle) Mark coming to my house?

Me: Yep! Few more days.

Kate:  In ten minutes?


Emma: What time it it, mommy?

Me: Uh, I can’t see the clock from here.

Emma: You need a bigger clock.

Kate: I need big cock, too!


Oh Scott…..

Emma: I can spell “dad”. D-A-D

Scott: I can spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Me: Oh! That reminds me! I have Mary Poppins coming next on Netflix!

Scott: Who’s Mary Poppins?

Me: Oh my gosh. Where do you think you heard supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

Scott: I dunno. I thought it was a cartoon or something.

Me: Are you kidding me? Did you have a normal childhood? (I pick up my phone)

Scott: Don’t tweet that. It will take you a month to spell that out.

2 thoughts on “Oh Emma, Oh Kate.

  1. LOL! I love these posts! I just recently started following your blog and these remind me of the conversations I have with my daughter. I must say, some of them leave me totally confused as she walks away totally content with the conversation she and I had.


  2. Lol. I know what you mean, esp the 2 year old….
    I’m glad you like the posts. 🙂 I actually changed phones recently and I had so many more saved but I lost them all! These are what I could remember. ha.


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