To Boo Bah

To my unborn niece who I call Baby Boo Bah:

I would like to know what day you will be joining us, all of us oxygen breathers? I won’t lie, I think I’m the most excited out of anyone in the family because I will be getting an official title after your birth – an AUNT. Sure, your parents are excited for you but they share those feelings with uncertainty and maybe a little fear. I know because I remember my feelings when I had your big cousin Emma. The grandparents, other aunts and uncles will be excited for you too, but they won’t be getting an official grandma/grandpa/aunt/uncle title. They already have those titles.

Baby BooBah, I am so straight up PUMPED. Like fist pumpin’, rock n’ roll singing, booty shakin’ PUMPED. Only YOU, my little one, can make me an Aunt. And I’m getting impatient. You are not even giving your mommy Braxton-Hicks! Come on! Lets get this show started! Make a little noise in there, give your mommy a preview of your birth day!

I wonder a lot of things about you…will you have your daddy’s blonde hair? Or mommy’s jet black hair? Will you have any similar features as your cousins? What color are your eyes? Will you continue to bite your lower lip like you did in the 4D video? You know, Aunt Jules bites her lower lip when she’s nervous. You got that from me. And what is your name? Your mommy and daddy can’t decide or they’re just saying that so it’s kept a secret. Whatever name it is, you will fit the name perfectly.

But what I really want to know is the day you choose to bond us for life.

Will it be on a Friday? I was born on a Friday. Comin’ out ready for the weekend! Ready to party with Aunt Jules! Whoop! Whoop!

Will you be a night baby? Like your mommy? That would be cool with me. I’m a night owl. I’ll be wide awake at 10:30 pm. Would you like to hear Letterman or Leno on the tv when you pop out?

Please, don’t chose April 20th. You will understand the meaning of 4/20, oh I don’t know, 16 or 17 years from now? And you could be celebrating your birthday with a little bit too much fun in college. Aunt Jules doesn’t like that.

Cinco de Mayo could be a cool birthday. I hope you get your mom’s black hair, tan skin and brown eyes. You know, to match the holiday? Again, this could be a little bit too much fun in college. But Aunt Jules likes tequila. So call me. I’ll tell you some of my Aggieville stories. Maybe some of your parents too!

Will you share a birthday with your cousin, Kate? We can double up birthday parties! In Disney World! Splash Mountain. First Row. Me, you, and Kate. Weeeeeeee!!

Will you be an April baby? Diamond birthstone, rain showers, Easter, springtime. Or a May baby? Emerald birthstone, blooming flowers, shared birthday month with Emma and Kate, officially summer when you get in school.

Baby Boobah. My bag is packed. I’m ready to walk out of this house then drive to you with your cousins and Uncle Pookie. I have my shirt that has “Aunt Jules” ironed on the back ready to be worn. I can’t wait to have a little photoshoot with you! I will tweet, Facebook, blog, text the world that you are here! I can’t wait to hold you in my arms, little baby burrito. Emma and Kate will give you a little pedicure in the hospital so you go home with our matching toe color!

Just pick a day, Boobah. I’m ready when you are.

Aunt Jules

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