Lap dogs don’t care if you’re half Mexican.

To: <Group> Family

From:  Mark (brother-in-law)

I was reading on yahoo this morning and saw an article titled, “The 10 Most High-Maintenance Dog Breeds” and immediately thought, “German Shorthaired Pointers” have to be on that list. Turns out they are (photo 7 of 11)


To: <Group> Family

From: Julie

Well, great. Both Belle’s “parents” are on there too. (Cute as ever, btw. Well, not the poodle so much but if you were to shrink it to 5 lbs, adorable.)

Oh, and the devil herself, Bailey. aka MARLEY.

 p.s. My next dog after Bailey will be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. How adorable is that thing? Her and Belle would have to fight for my lap space.


To: <Group> Family

From:  Scott

Bug, did you notice that it says the Cavelier dogs never leave your side and will hang out in the bathroom with you?  If you get one you better tell him you’re half Mexican.


To: <Group> Family

From:  Julie

Oh really, Scott?


No, actually lap dogs don’t care if you’re half Mexican.

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