Happy Easter!

Thought this phone picture would be appropriate for today. A few weeks ago, this little baby bunny nearly died twice at our house. Now, it’s living the sweet life, receiving carrots and lettuce thrown to him daily.

The first brush with death was when our little 6 pound Yorkie Poo, Belle, pulled out and attacked the bunny from under our bushes. Belle shook the baby bunny like it was a brand new squeaky toy. The baby bunny was slammed on the ground, whipped one side to the other while held inside Belle’s mouth. Wham, bam! Wham, bam! It was terrible. And the worst part was I cheered Belle on because I thought it was a mouse. Scott saved the day when he simply picked up Belle. Belle let go of the bunny and he ran for cover.

The second brush with death was when Scott and girls were outside “Oooo’ing” and “Awww’ing” at the baby bunny sitting on the side of the house. All of the sudden I hear Emma scream and Kate cry. Scott yelled at me in his firm and very serious voice to bring him scissors. I know that voice. He’s doesn’t use the firm, very serious voice with me unless he’s panicking. He’s kinda like a doctor in emergency surgery. Calm but firm. I ran outside without scissors because I thought something happened to the girls and I had to see what was going on. Sometimes I’m not very smart in emergency situations. I tend to run around in circles, screaming with my hands in the air.

I looked down below the deck and could see the baby bunny strangled in the netting on our grass. It was panting and squeaking out it’s last bunny breaths. Ahhhh!!

Where’s the scissors?! Scissors! NOW! 

Geez! I’m going! ….Stat!

I ran back to Dr. McPookie with the scissors.

The baby bunny was cut free. He ran back to the side of the house to catch his breath. Scott ran over to make sure he was breathing ok. The bunny was fine. Scott picked it up and let the girls pet it. The bunny let me take a quick picture before he jumped off and ran under the bushes again.

Now the bunny is kickin’ back and relaxing, enjoying the pampered life of carrots and lettuce dropped from above.

So there ya go. There’s our bunny story.

Oh and let’s not forget this winner:

This bird flew into our kitchen window during dinner one night. Sounded like a rock hitting the glass. Crash landed on the deck. We kept the dogs inside while Scott went to see if he was alive. It seemed to be in shock for a few minutes – at least long enough for me to take a picture of him. Scott placed him on the table then he flew off.

I swear….this place is turning into a real zoo.


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