Cookie Butter.

When my friend Mandy says to go buy a food product, I listen.

Mandy is a mom of 3 and loves to cook. I can always smell what they had for lunch or what she is preparing for dinner when I’m at her home. Her kitchen just screams “a good mom lives here”. I would totally pay for a babysitter to watch over Mandy’s kids just so she can come cook for my family. My mouth is watering already. I have no doubt her kids will grow up and come home on the weekends in college just to get some of their mom’s cooking. I, on the other hand, have already introduced my kids to the college staple of Ramen noodles.

Mandy is always posting recipes and little “finds” she buys. She posted a new one and I’m obsessed.

It’s sold at Trader Joe’s and it’s called Cookie Butter.

Mandy said she hasn’t even let her own kids or husband try this stuff because she wants it to herself. It’s not particularly healthy but everything is ok in moderation, right? I blew the top off moderation last night. It was my dinner.

Yesterday, after dropping off Emma at school, I set myself on a mission – I was getting Cookie Butter. I let Kate play nap hooky while I took her on the very long car ride to Trader Joe’s. I live far from Trader Joe’s so I rarely go there. But I knew the Cookie Butter would be worth it. Mandy said so. I was just hoping they had it in stock.

I get to Trader Joe’s and shop around, getting a few items that looked good. Then head down the peanut butter aisle. I frantically search for this Cookie Butter. I couldn’t find it. I try other sections: honey, syrups, display cases. Nothing. Crap. I’ll have to put myself on a waiting list, like Mandy did.

I go check out. The cashier asked if I found everything ok.Β I asked the cashier if there was a waiting list for Cookie Butter.

You mean a jar of heaven? We have some in the back.

My eyes popped out of their sockets. What?! Where?!

He yells over his shoulder, “can someone bring me a jar of heaven?”

A jar of heaven? What is this stuff? Another employee comes running up to us with this jar apparently sent from God. They asked me if I have ever tried it. I said no, but my friend recommended it. They both start talking fast, getting excited.

Oh it’s awesome. I dip pretzels in it. You will love it.

And I just eat it straight from the jar. When you open it, you will see 7 little fairies fly out and your eyes will see the light of heaven.

Whoa! You guys are freaking me out. Now I’m a little scared to try this.

Open it when you get to the car. But I can’t be responsible for any wrecks.

Oh, what did Mandy get me into? I waited until I got home to open it. I pull it out of the sack. My taste buds were getting nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. So I let Kate try it first.

Well that was a mistake. She took one bite and took off running with it.


After chasing Kate all over the house, I finally tackled her and forced my finger in the jar and quickly put it in my mouth.

Oh my gosh, it was cookie goodness. It’s smooth and has the consistency of peanut butter (but there are no peanuts in the ingredients). I could taste cinnamon and nutmeg and sugar cookies. I got out the cinnamon sugar pita chips I bought and dipped them. Kate continued to eat it with her finger. I had to cut Kate and myself off. We were getting ourselves too deep into the jar.

I picked up Emma from school then told her to try the Cookie Butter. After she tried a bite, she made a disgusted face. I think she thought it would taste like peanut butter and wasn’t prepared for a cookie taste. Or maybe Kate and I left too much saliva from our fingers.

We made the girls dinner and I secretly ate my pita chips and Cookie Butter in the pantry. I didn’t even eat a real dinner. I’m calling the Cookie Butter, the devil. Someone stop me. The devil made me lose all control. Why didn’t I buy two?!

6 thoughts on “Cookie Butter.

  1. Okay, so I will definitely be headed to Trader Joe’s this week! I am pretty sure this sounds like the most amazing thing ever! Thanks for posting about it!!


  2. I bought 2 jars after reading your post … I am quite unhappy with you for contributing to my weight gain! Thanks so much for sharing!! πŸ™‚ Love your blog and your family!


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