Hypothetical question.

What would you do with $540 million?

That is what the Mega Milions jackpot is up to. Oh, that’s a fun question – what would you do if you won $540 million?

Let’s talk real money, here. Uncle Sam will take half of that. So we’re looking at $270 million. Cool.

$270 million is a crazy amount of money.

I think most people are in agreement –  you would hire a financial professional. You would pay off all debt. Sell your house. Donate to charities. Go on a ridiculous shopping spree.

Scott and I would set up Emma and Kate’s college fund to be paid in full – at K-State.

Kansas City would be our “home base.”

We would buy a house in the Florida Keys. We have friends there and Scott knows the area well. A little Jimmy Buffet on the iPod with a pina colada in hand while wearing a bikini in December? YES. We would fly our Kansas friends to come play with us.

We agreed to set up each set of parents with enough money to retire and live with no financial stress. Easy, done.

But then our views start to differ:

Siblings. What would we give them? These are the people that probably know us best. We would not be who we are if it weren’t for our siblings. Every childhood memory is shared with them. Every important event in our lives is shared as well.

This is where Scott’s view of family equality really shines.

Scott has one brother. I have two sisters and a brother.

Scott’s view: his family should get half and my family should get half. So his brother would get half and my three siblings would get the other half, divided by 3. You read that right. Let’s say we decided $10 million to go to siblings. $5 million would go to his brother. My siblings would each get a little over $1.5 million each. STOP – Back up the money train.

This is so not fair on so many levels.

My view: everyone (or married couple) gets $5 million. Each. (hypothetical number, of course. But all the same number.)

How is Scott’s view fair? They are people! Not his and hers towels! Just because I have two extra siblings than he does, does not mean his brother wins his own mini-lotto. I love his brother like my own brother but come on. My siblings should get the same amount. If you think about it, the chances of someone else in our family winning the lotto is greater because my family is larger. I’m sure he would take lotto money from one of my siblings, if they were to offer it. Pook, you married me – but you also married into two sisters and an extra brother. Plus their spouses.

This is just a hypothetical argument. To my siblings – I swear he loves you too. Scott is just not thinking very clearly. He has learned by now that I am always right. Worst case, I would totally slip you an extra $3.5 million cash under the table at Christmas.

Whatever. I can’t tell if he’s serious or just trying to get me all riled up. I’ll very likely never find that out. Or more like 1 in 176,000,000 chance of finding out.

4 thoughts on “Hypothetical question.

  1. Jewels,
    We’ve had this conversation too! Except our views are just the opposite! I think we agreed that if we ever came into vast sums of $$, we’d give a good deal to our parents, for the same reason as you, but them take x amount and split it between whomever we wish. Chris comes from a HUGE family, and mine as you know, is very small. I’d want to give $$ to my cousins because they’re the closest things I have to siblings. It is such a tricky decision! I have to laugh because it’s so easy to say what we’d do now, when we have no money to give! On a completely unrelated note, I loved your ‘balls’ entry! I had a student a few years ago come up to me and say “I have 2 balls! I have 2 blue balls! I have 2 big, blue, fuzzy balls!”, and it was a boy who said this. We couldn’t keep a straight face!


  2. Lol. Balls. I was dying laughing at the girls. They had no idea. I know about the arguing when we don’t have money to give. I’m like, “why are we even talking about this?!” lol


  3. Ok, so I found your blog on a potty training post someone shared on fb and low & behold I find another Wildcat! We live (Army family) in Germany & even when we were stateside played the lotto twice, but still daydreamed. My kids always have their KSU education all set up too, w/dreams of my boys playing under by the 100 year old Bill Snyder (I get a little giddy thinking of it lol). I’d recommend a vacation home in Bamberg, Germany & Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany & a place in a cute village in Ireland.
    My husband and I each only have 1 sibling, so we’d pay off their debt (for my brother that would include his house payment) and buy them their dream house, pay of both of our parents debt (house loans included), and take them all on a Dream vacation with us on our private jet that we’ve chartered. (Hurray no worries of TSA agents or annoyed passnegers because one of my little ones is fussing or wanting to run up and down the isles because they’ve been flying for 10 plus hours!)
    See even when you literally have no chance of winning (because you don’t even live in the country currently) you can still dream. I’m positive btw that the Kansan who won is a relative of mine, just dying to give me half of their winnings!


  4. Yeah, that would be awesome to have your own plane. Traveling on planes with kids is the worst! I’ll add that to my wish list. Lol. That’s so cool you live in Germany! I want to visit!! 🙂


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