Oh Emma, Oh Kate

Emma comes up to me with her recorder (the instrument)

Emma: Will you listen to my song?

Me: Yep!

Emma: Ok, you need to start acting like you’re in a movie and I’ll play while you act. It will be a score. Ready, Go!


Driving with Kate. At a stop light.

Kate: UGH!!! Come on, cars! Your turn!


We were playing outside at a park this week. Emma came running up to me, sweating.

Emma: Moooom…I’m hot. I’m sweating like the sun!


Emma got some cavities filled. I went to the back to pick up Emma when they called me.

Dentist: Emma did great! She’s the perfect patient. She went to go pick out a toy.

Kate: My turn! (sits in the chair and opens her mouth)


I took the girls to Panera for brunch. The girls tell me they have to go to the bathroom. We walk in and one stall was being used. I tell Kate to use the other stall and Emma will wait. Kate walks in and shuts door. The person next to her flushes.

Kate: Go Emma! She done!


Kate: Is daddy coming home?

Me: He went out of town, not today.

Kate: In ten minutes?


I picked the girls up from the child center at the gym. We were walking towards the doors. Up above you can see the people working out on the 2nd level.

Kate: You work out up ‘dere?

Me: Yep, that’s where I go to work out.

Kate: You fly up ‘dere, mommy?


I’m ordering drinks at Sonic. I finish my order and the carhop starts telling me my order back. I hear the window go down behind me.

Carhop: Would you like to order mozzerella sticks with that?

Kate (from her window): Uhhh…I want some fries too.


Carhop: What size fries would you like?

Kate: Just fries!

Me: Nevermind on the fries.


We were getting dressed for the day.

Me: Hurry up, lets get your butt ready.

Kate: No, I not butt. I Kate!


Scott was changing his shirt in front of Kate.

Kate: I got baby ones too! ‘Wook! (lifts her shirt and shows her nipples)


I woke up one morning to the sound of a bag crumpling in my bed, at the crack of dawn.

Me: Kate? Is that you? What are you doing?

Kate: I just eating marshmellows, mom. Go to sleep.

Me: You have marshmellows?

Kate: Yeah. I go get it downstairs. I hungry. Go to sleep.

Me: What? You went downstairs by yourself in the dark?

Kate: Yeah. Go get me chocolate milk. I tursty!


I took the dogs to the vet with Kate while Emma was in school.

We are waiting, chit chatting with the receptionist.

Kate: (burps, really loud) Mmmm…that taste like orange juice! That yummy!


I had a baby shower for my sister. Her friend, Kasey, was petting our dog and talking to Kate.

Kasey: What is your dog’s name?

Kate: Chicken.


I filled Belle’s food bowl.

Me: Kate, will you go get Belle? Tell her she has food.

Kate: Oh. Ok. BELLLEEEEE!!!! Ruff, ruff, ruffffff, rufff, rufff. Ok, I told her.


I was on toilet and we ran out of TP.

Me: Hey Emma, will you bring me some toilet paper?

Emma: What the magic word?

Me: Please?!

Emma: No! That’s not the magic word! The magic word is: When Emma is 6, she can go hunting with daddy!

Me: No! You can’t go hunting with daddy when you’re six!

Emma: Well…what are you going to wipe with?


I took the girls to PetSmart. We were looking at the animals.

Emma: Mom, what’s this one?

Me: It says it’s a bearded dragon.

Emma: Does he spray fire?


I was wearing a watch. Kate was examining it.

Kate: What’s that moving?

Me: It’s a second hand, it ticks the seconds.

Kate: I want to go in ‘dere (taps on glass face).


Scott and Kate laying in bed watching cartoons before bedtime. Scott farts.

Kate: You fart, daddy?

Scott: Yeah, I farted.

Kate: (pushes out a fart) I fart too.


2 thoughts on “Oh Emma, Oh Kate

  1. So enjoy your blog…brings back memories…my kids are grown…all KSU graduates, and love your passion for K-State!! What a wonderful family you are blessed to have!!!


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